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What does it mean to “UNcover” a CURRICULUM? (Pt 06)

In Classroom Teaching, Curriculum on 09/10/2012 at 8:37 am

Yes…ME…”Mr. Question” himself…was asking the wrong bloody question…all the way through this mini-series!

Yep…the bloke who has been saying:

…for ages!


The same geezer who has been talking about a questioning culture – and has not been answering the questions you want him to answer…because he became a “disciple” of Peter Block so many bloody years ago!

Peter…like me…just “hates” (OK – that may be an over-statement) the quick “fix” approach to LEARNing:

…the approach that so many schools, colleges and universities seem to have adopted over the years!


But, let’s stick with individual TEACHers for a moment…so much more “fun”!


In Pt 03, I told you about Krissy (aka @ktvee)well, I went back to her blog after finishing up Pt 05…and saw that she had modified her poster on Classroom A and Classroom B to this:

What she was doing here was “adapting” or “evolving” her own thunking about TEACHing…about LEARNing – like all good TEACHers…she does this a lot!

AND…does it very publicly (like all good bloggers).

She was also emphasising that her “description” of Classroom A and Classroom B…was not meant to be seen as a Sith “either-or-option (something I might be accused of)!

…but rather was trying to reinforce the idea that we all need to be looking for “Classroom C” – the classroom that captures the “spirit” of what UNcovering your CURRICULUM…is meant to be.


The key, Krissy tells us is, is to “DEFINE YOUR CLASSROOM”:


When I look at TEACHers like Krissy, I don’t just see a great TEACHer with a great blog (with some even greater graphics – you know, I luvs me graphics too) – I see some thunking, some principles…some choices:



…about the type of LEARNing that will be co-created in the classroom. A clue – it is NOT one of the “red” ones!



…about the perspective we take on what curriculum is really all about. And, one that moves on from just “having a perspective on curriculum”to “TAKING a CURRICULUM PERSPECTIVE”.



…about the way we “do business” in the classroom. Erica says it all!


These CHOICES are not “quick fixes”…these are not “magic bullet recipes” for “UNcovering your CURRICULUM”

…they are CHOICES that matter!

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