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What does it mean to “UNcover” a CURRICULUM? (Pt 05)

In Classroom Teaching, Curriculum on 07/10/2012 at 11:39 am

NO….I did not ask all those questions in Pt 04 of this mini-dizi just to give you a headache!



I did it to show that many institutions (even some of the so-called “EDUhigh-fliers”) have a long way to go to really help their TEACHersUNcover the CURRICULUM. They simply have not made the “paradigm jump” (and sorry for what you are about to look at below, again)…that would make their TEACHers’ jobs a lot easier…a lot more fulfilling and satisfying!


Till they do…it falls to individual TEACHers!


I know that I am sometimes a wee bit too cerebral (hence all the piccies of grey matter) – I know some people get a bit annoyed that I “ask” far more than I “answer”.


But…when I started this series I actually promised meself that I’d make it really “practical” – you know, focus on practical ways that TEACHers could LEARN about UNcovering their own CURRICULUM…

…as I noted in Pt 02, more people just use the phrase…rather than talk about how they do it…in practice (or so I thought)!


So, what I did was put a call out…to the tweetiverse:

…my darling wife is always telling me to send out more “positive energy” and “requests” to the tweetiverse…more often…or was that “universe” she was talking about?


Ne se…I got a number of responses:


I also received a fair few e-mails with some suggestions:

ALL…brilliant ideas!


…but still the hashtag (#UNcoveryourcurriculum) was getting pretty “lonely”. So…I decided to hit up a few members of my tweetiverse PLN…with direct messages (DMs) – DMs “begging” for ideas…

The begging worked…sort of:

…wot to do?


I had a deadline…and the best I could manage was a couple of brains (brains that people really did not like to look at – at all)! They were gonna “hate” me again!


…@whatedsaid to the rescue!

Ed (and her “gang”) and I had swapped a couple of mails…and I had vented my frustration that “nobody” was actually saying what they do to UNcover their CURRICULAR!

She corrected me…gave me a bunch of links.


Then it dawned on me (told you I can be a bit thick from time to time)…LOADS of people are talking about it! It’s just that they do not link their ideas to that sexy, sexy phrase!

…Ed even reminded me that “I” do it all the time!


You see…

…and “sharing” – over coffee with other TEACHers, in the blogosphere…on the tweetiverse!


I’d become so bloody obsessed with a “wordbite”…that I was missing the whole bloody point! I had been asking the wrong question…

Me thunks…I need a Pt 06!

  1. Hello Tony,
    I am reminded of learning as process – impossibility of stepping into the same river twice metaphysics – where the actuality of doing becomes inexplicable *_*. You sound frustrated. Or enlightened. Either way, the journey is the point, no?
    I love reading your blog posts!

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