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What does it mean to “UNcover” a CURRICULUM? (Pt 03)

In Classroom Teaching, Curriculum on 05/10/2012 at 8:25 am

I used that imageClassroom A and Classroom B – in a recent post. However, that time I was focussing on whether the “type” of classroom impacted how effectively EdTECH would be adopted – by the TEACHers in that classroom.

Yes, it was really about the TEACHerit still really about the TEACHer, when we talk about UNcovering the Curriculum

I borrowed that image from Krissy (aka @ktvee in the tweetiverse) and recently she did a post entitled – Beyond the Curriculum – yes, you guessed it…you have a reading assignment!

Go onclick on the link (above) to the post…it will take you TWO minutes…and I promise (cross my heart and hope to drop dead) my post will not be as “long” as my last one!


Nice post, yes? Wouldn’t you love to be a kid in that Classroom B!


OK – so just one, tweeny-weeny question:


…well, maybe just one moreWhy does she NOT say this:


TEACHers, like Krissy, just do not say things like this:

…TEACHers like Kath, too!


TEACHers, like Krissy and Kath, believe certain things…have principles like:

…and walk-their-talk…like Ed!


See…I did promise this post would not be that long!


If we are talking about UNcovering our CURRICULUM, surely we need to take a look at the “nature” of the curriculum that lets TEACHers (like Krissy, like Kate, like Ed….like YOU) do what they do even better!

See you soon!

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