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The 2018 EDU, ELT/ELL and EDTECH Conference Calendar for Canım Türkiyem…Ver 5.1

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Sevgili Hocalarim,

I know I said that the last version of the Calendar would be the last – I guess the fat lady just hadn’t finished singing…

So, here we go…with a  couple of updates to details and contact info…and a couple of additions, too!

Tony (logo new) 260316 ACG

Let’s look at our events across canım Turkiyem first:


MARCH 2018

EVENT: 5. Eğitim Teknolojileri Zirvesi (ETZ18)


EVENT: 1st ELT, DAF and FLE Conference

EVENT: 13th GKV ELT Conference

  • DATE: 17 March 2018
  • LOCATION: Gaziantep College Foundation Department (GKV) – GAZIANTEP
  • THEME: Effective Classroom Practices in 2018
  • INFO:

EVENT: 2nd GELTUS Conference

EVENT: 5th International NTELT Conference


Blog Post (Curric) Image 01 220717


APRIL 2018

EVENT: 4th Cukurova International ELT Conference (CUELT 2018) 

  • DATE: 05-06 April 2018
  • LOCATION: Çukurova University, Faculty of Education – ADANA
  • THEME: Generic ELT Issues
  • INFO: (Contact: Ali Ceyhun Müftüoğlu)

EVENT: 10th International ELT Research Conference

EVENT: 2nd International Conference on Education and Learning 

EVENT: X. TED ELT Conference

  • DATE: 28-29 April 2018
  • LOCATION: TED Mersin College – MERSIN
  • THEME: The Wonderful World of Words
  • INFO:  You can follow the livestream of this conference on YouTube (see for details). 


Lunacy 02 (Eistein Quote)


MAY 2018

CPD Blog Post 170717 slide 05 TG

EVENT: V. International Eurasian Educational Research Congress

EVENT: The 13th METU International ELT Convention

EVENT: 32. Ulusal Dilbilim Kurultayı

EVENT: Sabancı School of Languages Conference

EVENT: 4th International Conference: Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond

  • DATE: 9-11 May 2018
  • LOCATION: Palm Wings Hotels & Resorts – EPHESUS / İZMİR
  • THEME: Fostering Academic Integrity Through Consistent and Transparent Approaches
  • INFO:

EVENT: 1st Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Foreign Language Education Conference

  • DATE: 11-12 May 2018
  • LOCATION: Bandirma 17 Eylul University – BANDIRMA/BALIKESİR
  • THEME: Trends and Best Practices in Quality and Accreditation
  • INFO: and

EVENT: The 3rd BELL Intl. Graduate Student Conference

  • DATE: 17-18 May 2018
  • LOCATION: Dept. of English Language and Literature, Bülent Ecevit University – ZONGULDAK
  • THEME: Generic EL and Lit. Content
  • INFO:

EVENT: 1st ScOLa ELT Conference

8Thinkers wanted (blog ver 02 TG)


JUNE 2018

CPD Blog Post 170717 slide 02 TG

EVENT: The 15th Bilkent University (BUSEL) Conference

  • LOCATION: Bilkent University – ANKARA
  • DATE: 29-30 June 2018
  • THEME: The Future of EAP: Provision, Standards and Practices
  • INFO:


JULY 2018

Nope (TRUMP)! 2


EVENT: 2nd International Black Sea Conference on Language & Language Education


Twitter (bird announce)


Then, we add some ‘sauce’ – for those of you with a half-decent ‘conference fund’ and a School operational plan that covers ‘foreign jollies’:

06 Creativity FQs (balance TG ver)

Please notethe rumours are indeed true – the TESOL Arabia (TACON) event for this year has been ‘postponed’ (though people are being tight-lipped as to ‘why’) the ALLT Event in March (at Zayed University) is NOT a TESOLArabia ‘replacement’ for TACON…so if you were planning a ‘shopping trip’ to Dubai (again), try that one…or consider Doha!



EVENT: ELT Ireland – 4th Annual Conference


MARCH 2018

EVENT: Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching (ALLT) Conference

EVENT: The 53rd RELC International Conference

  • DATE: 12-14 March 2018
  • THEME: 50 Years of ELT and Assessment – Reflections, Insights and Possibilities 
  • INFO: (Contact: Dr Alvin Pang)

EVENT: TESOL 2018 – International Convention & English Language Expo


APRIL 2018

EVENT: The 52nd IATEFL Conference


MAY 2018

EVENT: 5th International Language in Focus Conference

EVENT: GlobELT 2018: An International Conference on Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language


JUNE 2018

EVENT: The European Conference on Language Learning 2018 

  • DATE: 29June – 01 July 2018
  • THEME: Surviving and Thriving: Education in Times of Change
  • INFO: (Contact: Kiyoshi Mana)


JULY 2018

EVENT: The 8th Serious Play Conference



  • EVENT: 6th CEBS Sprachenforum
  • DATE: 23-25 October 2018
  • LOCATION: Bad Hofgastein – AUSTRIA
  • THEME: (TBC)
  • INFO: (specific website under development)



EVENT: 3rd Practical Pedagogies Training Conference


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  1. Hi Tony,

    Believe you are well.

    I am going to borrow your picture on Learning first …

    I forgot, what is the name you call a Great Teacher in your mother tongue again? For the moment I cannot recall.

    Kind regards / Groete

    Cas Olivier

    Xanadu Nature Estate, Hartbeespoort


    ETDP SETA Accredited

    Thinking Tools

    SACE registered for 40 CPTD points

    Example of world class Great Teaching: Northway Primary School.

    • Hi Cas – hope you are well! Yes, feel free to borrow the image 😉

      Are you talking about the word ‘Hocam’ (in Turkish – the term of endearment I think I told you about) or is it one of my silly ‘made up’ words 😉

      Take care, hocam…


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