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How to Spot and ‘Nail’ an EDUFraud!

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As I was finishing up the 2017-18 Conference Calendar yesterday, I was also glancing at a couple of the more recent conference programmes and biodata of speakers. It dawned on me that so many speakers describe themselves as consultants, trainers, teachers and coaches – all in the same breathe!

Fraud alert (sign)

Oh, and the worst one is when they feel the need to tell you ‘I’m the Founder of so-and-so (insert Company Name here)’ – that’s when you know you have got an egotistical twerp who loves to exaggerate or stretch the truth to breaking point!

I did actually talk about these wonderfully-talented, multi-skilled individuals – who love nothing more than to project the image that they are ‘the smartest and most experienced guys (or gals) in the room’in an earlier post.

Lucky for us…they very rarely are!


However, I did not really come up with any suggestions or solutions for how we can ‘pop their little bubbles’, expose them for what they are, and protect ourselves from them:

Snake Oil Sellers (TG ver) 080517


Blog Post (Curric Pt 02) Image 02 230717


It’s actually not that difficult to sniff them out:

  • Their biodata just seems too good to be true!
  • Their actual age just does not seem to match the number of years experience they claim to have!
  • Their ‘sessions’ are just not as authentic or passionate as those from ‘real’ teachers who really know their stuff – and smell like they have been ripped off from some blog listicle!


I know, I know…you just can’t trust anyone these days!


Questions (Chinese proverb and donkey) Ver 03


I’ve often found that a good way to sort the wheat from the chaff is to corner one of these EDUFrauds and ask them a few simple questions:

  1. So, how many actual (full-time) years of experience have you had in the classroom?
  2. What type of teaching qualifications do you have? Where did you get them? Was there a practicum component?
  3. What about your coaching qualifications – where did you get those? Did you complete every module?
  4. And, teacher training? What type of experience and training have you had for that? Where they accredited programmes?
  5. So, a consultant? I guess you have an MBA, then?


Some of these chaps can quite entertaining (with their unlikely but well-rehearsed stories) and are often voluble and verbally facile – so put them on the spot:

  1. What type of formal leadership positions have you held in institutions? What type of training did you find most useful to help you succeed in these positions?
  2. Tell me about 3 or 4 of your long-term coaching relationships. What areas have you helped clients develop in?
  3. What about your consultancy projects? Could you give me a list of 5-6 recent clients that I can approach for references?


These questions are also great when these people come cold-calling trying to ‘flog their wares’ – and really help you sort out who has the experience and talent to help you…from those who are just ‘faking it till they make it’.


Take care…sadly, it’s a jungle out there!


That having been said, it’s always good to know:



The 2017-18 EDU, ELT/ELL and EDTECH Conference Calendar for Canım Türkiyem…Ver 1.0

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Sevgili Hocalarim,

I really wanted to get this one out by the first of the month (last month!) – but kept hoping that a few others would be confirmed.

Neyse, I’ll add them when I do Ver 2.0 or Ver 3.0 – don’t forget to let me know, if you hear before I do…

Tony (logo new) 260316 ACG

OK – so first we have our events in canım Turkiyem:



EVENT: 2nd Intl. Conference on Best Practices and Innovations in Education (INOVED 2017)

EVENT: The 18th International INGED ELT Conference

  • DATE: 20-22 October 2017
  • LOCATION: İstanbul Aydın University, Florya Campus – İSTANBUL
  • THEME: Winds of Change
  • INFO:

EVENT: ICONFLE’17 – 1st International Conference on Foreign Language Education

  • DATE: 20-21 October 2017
  • LOCATION: Eastern Mediterranean University, FLEPS – FAMAGUSTA / NORTHERN CYPRUS
  • THEME: Current Practices in Language Teaching
  • INFO:

CPD Blog Post 170717 slide 05 TG



EVENT: 5th Global Conference on Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching (LINELT-2017)

EVENT: The 6th Ata Fun Fair

EVENT: Eğitimde Gelecek Konferansı (EGK17)

EVENT: 3rd International Conference on New Trends in English Language

  • DATE: 13 November 2017
  • LOCATION: Hotel Hilton Bosphorus – İSTANBUL
  • THEME: Teaching and Testing
  • INFO:

EVENT: 4th International Conference on New Trends in Education

  • DATE: 17-18 November 2017
  • LOCATION: Bahcesehir University Besiktas Campus – İSTANBUL
  • THEME: CLIL: Crafting Bilingual Minds
  • INFO:

 Most people can only SEE



EVENT: 5th International Conference on Education and Social Sciences (INTCESS 2018)

CPD Blog Post 170717 slide 02 TG


MARCH 2018

EVENT: 5. Eğitim Teknolojileri Zirvesi (ETZ18)



APRIL 2018

EVENT: 4th Cukurova International ELT Conference (CUELT 2018) 

  • DATE: 05-06 April 2018
  • LOCATION: Çukurova University, Faculty of Education – ADANA
  • THEME: Generic ELT Issues
  • INFO: (Contact: Ali Ceyhun Müftüoğlu)

EVENT: 2nd International Conference on Education and Learning 

Lunacy 02 (Eistein Quote)


MAY 2018

EVENT: The 13th METU International ELT Convention

  • DATE: 03-04 May 2018
  • LOCATION: METU Convention Centre – ANKARA
  • INFO: More details coming soon!

EVENT: Sabancı School of Languages Conference

EVENT: 4th International Conference: Plagiarism across Europe and Beyond

  • DATE: 9-11 May 2018
  • LOCATION: Palm Wings Hotels & Resorts – EPHESUS / İZMİR
  • THEME: Fostering Academic Integrity Through Consistent and Transparent Approaches
  • INFO:


Then, we add some ‘sauce’ – for those of you with a half-decent ‘conference fund’ and a School operational plan that covers ‘foreign jollies’:

06 Creativity FQs (balance TG ver)



EVENT: ELT Ireland – 4th Annual Conference


MARCH 2018

EVENT: 24th TESOL Arabia International Conference and Exhibition

EVENT: The 53rd RELC International Conference

  • DATE: 12-14 March 2018
  • THEME: 50 Years of ELT and Assessment – Reflections, Insights and Possibilities 
  • INFO: (Contact: Dr Alvin Pang)

EVENT: TESOL 2018 International Convention & English Language Expo


APRIL 2018

EVENT: The 52nd IATEFL Conference


MAY 2018

EVENT: 5th International Language in Focus Conference

EVENT: GlobELT 2018: An International Conference on Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language


JUNE 2018

EVENT: The European Conference on Language Learning 2018 

  • DATE: 29June – 01 July 2018
  • THEME: Surviving and Thriving: Education in Times of Change
  • INFO: (Contact: Kiyoshi Mana)

Thats a wrap

Till Ver 2.0…

So…What Exactly Should Curriculum Planning Look Like – for 2017/18? (Part 01)

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Blog Post (Curric) Image 01 220717

I know, I know…most of us are still on holiday…but I am sure there are a few of us out there that are (already) experiencing anxiety about some of the tasks we have to complete when we get back to the factory floor. Especially, if a new textbook was selected just before the semester ended…

Do NOT worry…I am here to help you get over that anxiety and give you the PERFECT curriculum planning toolshiriously!

Blog Post (Curric) Image 02 220717

…and it won’t cost you any more than the price you paid for this blog post!


Blog Post (Curric) Image 03 220717

As with any planning system, we need to decide on the key concepts that will guide us – and I have found, as we are in ELT, that 3 work wonderfully:

PLANof course!

IMPLEMENTbecause we have to take stuff into the classroom!

TESTwell, just because…we love doing this! OK…we want to check what has been learned!


The first of these steps is sooooooo easy…and involves 3 more mini-steps – take a gander:

Blog Post (Curric) Image 04 220717And, here’s you getting all worked up during your holiday! Most of you have already done mini-step 01 (hey, some of you might even be using Headway…even though the authors died 10 years back)! The key, however, is mini-step 03 – once you have the pacing guideline (the weekly ‘checklist’ of stuff to teach), you are more than halfway home. Indeed, if you work in a Curriculum Unit you can start planning your holiday for July 2018!


Now, the teacher steps up to the plate – ready to breathe life into the wonderful documents you have created.

What do they need to do?

Again…easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy:

Blog Post (Curric) Image 05 2207173 more mini-steps even a burger-flipper at McDonalds can execute! Again, the trick here is to make sure you stay on track…covering every activity (except those pesky ‘pronunciation boxes’ and maybe that last ‘speaking task’after all, who needs them…and besides…you’ve run out of time)!



Blog Post (Curric) Image 07 220717

Ahhh, now we come to the home stretch…because we all know that ‘assessment’ is really the ‘curriculum’ for every single student. I mean…come on…have you ever heard a student say, ‘Hocam, that was a wonderful lesson – I loved the way you blended those two Learning Outcomes with the notion of critical thinking and creativity through that truly authentic and communicative information gap task’!

Voilà – this is how:

Blog Post (Curric) Image 06 220717

3 final mini-steps even the most mathematically-challenged ELT teacher could follow (with a calculator and a pre-prepared spreadsheet)! OK, OK…that last one can be tough on the old heart-strings… ‘but I did warn you to study more and not play with that bloody phone of yours so much’!

AND, that…ladies and gentlemen…is how you do it!


Tried and tested all over the globe – a model that has found its way into…

Blog Post (Curric) Image 08 220717

…and I gave it you HERE…for:

Blog Post (Curric) Image 09 220717

Life doesn’t get better than that…for a teacher (and that means most of us) on a salary less than 50% of what she is worth!


CPD Blog Post 170717 slide 09 TG

Well, as a great Jedi…sorry…Reiki Master told me,

‘You get what you pay for’!