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Actually, it’s about education, training and LEARNing. It’s for educators and teachers who are interested in making a real difference to the lives of their students, their colleagues and their organisations – basically, people who are interested in “doing business” differently in education.

People in education are often divided into two categories – “the thinkers” and “the doers”. We are also grouped into categories based on who we do business with – primary, secondary, tertiary. There are other classifications such as “teachers”, “administrators” and “support staff”. And, then…there’s the various disciplines or sub-sectors – mathematics, engineering, literature, ELT – to name but a few.

Traditionally, many of our discussions have been about “TEACHing”. The problem here is that these “conversations” have been based on a “design flaw” (Barr and Tagg, 1995) and “TEACHing” is still the dominant paradigm that governs our structures, practices and behaviours (the way we “do business”) – across all the classifications people have for us.

This “design flaw” confuses the means and ends in education – and keeps all of us apart.

What we need is more “thinking doers” who come together – across the lines that have been drawn in the sand (or the “schoolyard”) – to talk about “what really matters” in education.

LEARNing – student LEARNing, educator LEARNing, institutional LEARNing!

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P.S: UmutGizem – you are both “stars”!


TELLıng theTRUTH (Ver 03)



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  1. this blog is just brilliant. i am either spending too much or not enough time on here. In many ways I don’t care. such wonderful principles/values, such a clear expression of the real meaning and purpose of education. I was feeling a bit jaded, but no longer! thank you for reminding me what I should be doing!!

    • Jackie,

      You are too kind – so glad you find a few of the posts useful. Many, many thanks for the support and kind words 😉


      P.S: Too much or not enough time LOL! I am just the same when ı find blogs I like 😉

  2. Awesome. I agree completely, in all this talk of rethinking education too much of it focuses on the teachers. I am not going to underplay the importance of teacher’s, they shape our minds of course, but in focusing on just teaching, we often neglect the needs, passions, and sometimes, even the happiness of students.

  3. Hi Tony,

    My name is Sieng.

    I wonder if it is ok that I share your awesome photos in your blog on my Facebook page (they will be appropriately attributed).


    • Hi Sieng,

      TY for the kind words…TY even more for the “request” – I wish more people were like you (thoughtful, considerate – and just “asked”) 😉 Of course, you can 😉

      Take care – have a great day 😉


  4. Thank you very much, Tony.

    I am a teacher (an aspiring educational technologist too) from Malaysia and share resources on Tech for Teachers FB page –

    Feel free to drop in for a visit. Have a great day to you too! 🙂

  5. “What a coincidence!”. I listened your speech at Hacettepe last May ( quite an inspirating talk) and now I come across your blog while looking for conference anouncements. And guess what made me notice that it is your blog? That “Canım Türkiyem” I saw when I added the blog to my favourites 😄😄:). I guess this is a kind of signature of yours :D. Hope to listen to you again.

  6. Asiye,

    TY for the kind words – been a bit “lazy” of late (a bit under-the-weather – health-wise…but getting back to full speed again).

    Take care,


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