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Will the REAL 4C’s Please Stand Up…AGAIN!

In Classroom Teaching, Curriculum on 10/12/2011 at 10:15 am

Mmmmmmm….that one went out a bit too early!

Happiness Engineers” – not too happy (I want my “save” button back – when I try to re-post)!

Ne se! A few weeks back I did a post that tracked my own search to uncover what exactly the 4C’s were….you see, I’d been seeing a lot of the 4C’s around (no puns intended, OK – maybe a bit) – and a couple of people had asked me what I thought about them (esp. those people who were also keen on the 5E’s 

EngageExploreExplainElaborate and Evaluate

…from Roger Bybee and his team)

…and YES….we also have the 6E’s and the bloody 7E’s, too! There’s something about “models” that have both a number and a letter that fascinates teachers – bit like playing with matches or playing with a tooth that hurts with your tongue!


I mentioned that one of my favourite approaches to the 4C’s was from Ken Kay – and that Ken was in the middle of  a great “series” on the 4C’s on his Edutopia-based blog.

At that time, Ken had done an introductory post and discussed 5 of the 7 “steps”;

Since that time, he has wrapped up two more posts on Steps 6 and 7 – and these touch on the issues of  TEACHer “motivation” and “engagement” that Troy and I have been discussing this week.
So, I thought I’d share these two links with y’all (also been catching up with the US “X Factor” this week – really starting to hate “music” reality TV)….
Anyways, here they are:

If you want to see the original 4C’s post – just click HERE
Have a great weekend!
  1. On the subject of 4Cs… a great blog

  2. May I please use your graphics for 4Cs?

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