Tony Gurr

Stop Stealing Dreams…(or, what are schools for?)

In News & Updates (from the CBO), Our Schools on 28/02/2012 at 12:14 pm

I interupt this “mini-series” in favour of a Public Service Announcement!

Seth Godin is probably one of the most prolific bloggers (and writers) on the block – and he’s recently published a 30,000 word manifesto (and you all thought that “I” wrote a lot)! 

It’s a REALLY good read!

The title, as you have probably gathered, is about allthingsEDUCATION (or, perhaps more specifically, allthingsSCHOOLING) – and Seth is keen to start a “fire or three”.

He dedicates this to “…every teacher who cares enough to change the system, and to every student brave enough to stand up and speak up” …but I also feel it would be great for more teachers-in-training and parents to get their hands on a copy!

I’m not going to say too much but want to add Seth’s intro and note to us all:

  • Click HERE for the original blog post from Seth
  • Click HERE for the PDF (on-screen edition)
  • Click HERE for a printable copy of the manifesto.


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