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If you are anything like me (gosh, I hope not…well, not too much), you’ll love the Dummies series.

Did you know they can learn you just about anything from these – from Taxidermy to Blogging?

OK – the “taxidermy-thingy” was just mean, sorry!


But, they have “Dummies” for everything – everything it seems, except:

They just do not stock this title!


Now, this struck me as a little strange. Remember, I told you that I got to my 100th posting earlier this week? While I may have given up counting how many words I have used across all those postings – I did not give up on the most popular “internet search items” that brought people to allthingslearning.

The Top 12 search items (in order) were: 

  • classroom management
  • teaching
  • evil yoda
  • assessment for learning
  • classroom cartoon
  • jedi
  • yoda
  • sith yoda
  • classroom
  • teaching cartoon
  • lesson plan
  • classroom management cartoon

SERIOUSLY! These 12 items alone account for 35% of the traffic to this blog – again, these “Happiness Engineers” at WordPress give me such useful data! 


Now, this showed me a great many possible things: 

  1. I clearly write far too much about Star Wars on my blog!
  2. Lots of educators are just as interested in “Evil Sith Yoda” – as I am!
  3. Teachers and educators just surf the net for cartoons

The one thing it did highlight for me was the interest in classroom management.


In the past, I have done a couple of posts on classroom management (these have, again, been some of the most popular posts we have on the blog):


Now, apart from re-blogging these – I wondered what else I could do (until “Classroom Management for Dummies” is published) to help all those teachers that are getting ready to “go back to school” this week…in this part of the world!

I have also complied a list of my favourite Classroom Management resources in a “new” library (hot off the press – see below). It contains a number of the books I talk about in the two posts above!


But, hey – if you just came for the cartoon, here it is:

I really wish I could remember where I found this one. I came across it many, many years ago – and it was just sitting in a folder…till allthingslearning.

Seriously, if you know where it comes from, let me know!


The new library is here: Tony’s CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Library

  1. It’s a Matt Groening cartoon from well before his TV days. I really used to enjoy his cartoons in print then. I don’t really know the history of this one. I came across your blog when the cartoon came up in a Bing image search on classroom management. I found one online source here that has a date:

    • Brilliant…brilliant!

      William (was gonna shout out “Will” – but we do not know eachother well enough, I guess) – YOU is a STAR 😉


  2. […] workshop in Brasil. I’m not sure where it comes from, but I found it again today on this website. I wish I’d come across it sooner though, and remembered that things in the classroom can […]


    I concur about it being Matt Groening’s work.

    Google’s reverse image search is very helpful for figuring out the provenance of images. The simplest use is to simply drag the image in question into the search box on

    “School is Hell: Ledson 11 – How to Make Everyone as Miserable as You Are in Junior High – May 14, 1987”

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