Tony Gurr

A Few Thousand (More) Words – my selection of images this time…

In News & Updates (from the CBO) on 31/03/2012 at 10:48 am

Yesterday…I did another lazy weekend post (funny how these “lazy” posts can take up so much time)!

What I did was check the images / graphics that I have used in my various posts over the past 12 months – and took a look at ones that seemed to be the most popular (or, at least the ones that are downloaded most frequently).

It was a fun, little exercise! And, I realised that I had never (ever, ever) used that many images in a single post (38 of them)!

But, I realised that not all of them were MY favourites – so I have decided to pull out the ones I really like…only 31 of them this time!


Obviously, it’s easier to recall some of the more recent images:




Some of these take “ages” – though look very simple:


Others are updates of earlier favourites:


Some are a bit of fun!





Others – a wee bit more serious and communicate a “bigger” thunk:

















And, then….some of my favourite “people”:



That’s all folks – have a great weekend!

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