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What does it mean to “UNcover” a CURRICULUM? (Pt 02)

In Classroom Teaching, Curriculum on 02/10/2012 at 12:40 pm

Technically, I guess I should not really call this Pt 02 – you see, I’m just checking in to see how the “googling” is going!

I gave you some questions to thunk over in Pt 01…but I would never ask anyone to do something that I would not do myself – so I thought I’d share a few of the little gems that my own “cruising” threw up.


There were one or two that really got me thunking about the whole issue of UNCOVERing

…I liked this a lot and the whole notion of clarity is a biggie for all of us. But, I’m thunking the second bit of Nick’s idea is just as important – if not more so!


The problem was that I kept digging up a lot of less positive thunks…from TEACHers talking about the whole issue of COVERing the curriculum.

Like this one – for example:

I’m guessing Cris is not alone in thunking like this…and why, oh why so many institutions and systems put their TEACHers into the “educational rat race” is totally beyond me!


The thing is…there are bigger concerns:

Akevy really brings this home, too…

…why do we keep on doing things like this?

Now, if you are anything like me…you will have also uncovered some more…far worrying…”comments”…

…comments that perhaps made you feel like “Al” (it was a great performance though – you gotta admit that – noone can play the “Devil” like Pacino)!

Those of you that know me (in the real world) know that I am a pretty patient guytolerant even! I’ve even been called a good listener…on occasion!

BUT “silly” statements like that are really just like…

..for me – especially with my blogging hat on!

So, what do you think I felt when I saw this?

Al’s face kinda says it all really…Actually, something like this was one of the things I heard during one of my very first “orientation programmes” when I was a younger teacher…really!

All I can say is…

…and, while we are on the subject:

Must….must fight…must fight urge…to RANT!

The GOOD NEWS is…that there are more of us out there than you would imagine…more of us that see the value of the Jedi Path…in education.

OK, maybe not “those” guys…but educators that say:

And, then…


…while watching “When Harry Met Sally“!

If you like these ideas…you’re on the right corner of the blogosphere!

your googling has probably highlighted the fact that while there are lots of bloggers out there that dig the sexy phrase we are looking at in this mini-series, there are not many thunks on “how” to “do” it – on how we UNCOVER our CURRICULUM!

This is what we’ll be doing in Pt 03 and Pt 04

See you later!

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