Tony Gurr

What will Apple come up with next?

In Classroom Teaching, Technology on 15/08/2012 at 6:04 pm

This one is for Chiew Pang (aka – @aClilToClimb) – he set me a challenge!


It is said Apple have a new “logo” – to help market iBooks Author:


I wonder how long it will be before we see this one:


  1. LOL, excellent, excellent! Teachers can never replaced because whatever or whoever wishes to replace them needs to be taught first… 😉

    • Chiew,

      Know I did not fully meet the challenge – but it was fun 😉 TY so much…

      On the serious sideand, in line with the “diatribe” (Pt 05), I kinda agree…with one pro-vi-so: Yes, TECHnology cannot replace TEACHers…unless those TEACHers are behaving “as if” they were “TALKing TEXTbooks”…then, the “logo” might be a bit more than a joke 😉

      Be good – keep up the “good fight”, brother!


    • C,

      Yep – but the question is: “Do they know?”



      • The answer is if they don’t care, nor do we 😉 Seriously, though, that’s what we’re all doing, aren’t we? Trying to convert them. But we don’t want to seem too evangelistic!

      • Amen to that brother 😉


  2. lol, excellent idea tony…. 😉

  3. Teachers are facilitators, which is something that softwares cannot do!

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