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If Education Was Really About LEARNing….

In Guest BLOGGERS, Our Schools on 20/11/2011 at 8:30 am

I don’t usually do “wholesale re-posts” – but I loved this one soooooooo much (from Krissy), had to get it up on allthingslearning.

Krissy you are a “star” 😉 


If  education was really about LEARNing…

…we’d let kids ask more questions and then give them support to find their own answers.

…we’d see dunking cookies in milk as a science opportunity, not just a snack.

…we’d only give kids giant test booklets if they needed to use the paper build a tower to explore force & motion.

…we’d label our kids with terms like “mostly visual learner, hilarious, excels in reading, struggles with addition, loves baseball” instead of “Proficient” or “Basic”

…we’d stop making copies of low-level worksheets and give more blank sheets of paper for brainstorming.

…we’d make it our goal to get kids to ask questions in class that we cannot answer, nor Google the answer to.

…we’d stop spending billions on textbooks.

…we’d celebrate mistakes far more than we celebrate earning “A’s”.

…success would be overcoming obstacles and embracing struggle, not “perfect papers”.

…we’d invite an engineer or scientist to class to answer questions and not just because it’s a grade level standard.

…we’d talk more about finding their passion than about Friday’s Spelling Test.

…we’d take the best theories of gifted education, special education, and everything in between, and make a school where ALL kids needs are met.

…our kids would never question “Why do I have to learn this?” because they’d be too busy investigating.

…inquiry would rule over lecture.

…professional development would be differentiated, meaningful, and steer clear of reading PowerPoint slides.

…every school would be filled with the type of collaboration happening on Twitter every single day.

…we wouldn’t hear things like “We don’t teach that since it’s not tested.”

Education might not be about LEARNing right now.  But, that doesn’t mean your classroom can’t be about LEARNing.


Krissy also has a wonderful “purpose statement” on her site –  one all of us can take note of:


  1. Amazing, amazin and more amazing. That is what learning is about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why schools don´t know this?????????????????? Why Universities don´t know this????????????

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