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And, the nominees are… (EduBlog Awards 2011)

In Technology on 16/11/2011 at 10:24 am

OK – so the EduBlog Awards are very big on Twitter this week.


I’d never done it (nominated anyone) before so I thought it might be a nice little LEARNing activity (besides I’ve been thinking about re-doing my own “booger-roll”)…

Wish I’d never startedfelt like a kid trying to sort out his old toys for the upcoming jumble sale at the local orphanage!

I mean…seriously tough decisions!


Having only just finished my first 6 months in the “blogosphere” – I know how much it takes to get a blog off the ground and keep it running (so does my wife – part of the reason she keeps hiding my modem)! Don’t tell her but I have 3G on the iPad…

BUT, I felt it was important to recognise all the time, energy and passion that so many bloggers put into their work. Sharing without caring about “citations” and the like…

I’m just a bit annoyed that I could only choose ONE for each category. Sorry to all of you I had to miss out – I still love you all!


So, I…

– and here they are:


Best individual blog – Please don’t make me do this! How can I choose just ONE? OK – it has to be one on LEARNing (that’s a given) – maybe with a bit of leadership and tech thrown in: Dangerously ! Irrelevant (from Scott McLeod). Scott is a bit of a “blogging Yedi Master” (who obviously has a number of “clones” – my wife wants to know where he gets them)…always does great stuff!

Best individual tweeter@2learn2 (from Steve Cushing). Even with the serious “business” of LEARNing and TEACHing, Steve just manages to put a smile on my face – several times a day!

Best group blogThe Committed Sardine (from the guys at 21st Century Fluency). How could I not nominate a blog with such a great name? I’ve been a fan of this one for a while – packed with regular chunks of technie news, with an keen eye for what’s important in how we look at education.

Best ed tech / resource sharing blogFree Technology For Teachers (from Richard Bryne). Richard just has his finger on the “pulse” and delivers just how teachers need.

Best teacher blogThink, Thank, Thunk (from Shawn Cornally). The whole premise of Shawn’s site is just wonderful – proud to be a teacher and not scared to share the “fear” so many of us have (besides I love the title).

Best School Administrator blogThe Principal of Change (from George Couros). George’s musings show how he walks-his-talk – savvy, connected and knows how not to take himself too seriously.

Best free web toolPrintEdit (from Mozilla). Anything that saves paper and ink by letting us remove “unwanted” content (as well as costing “nowt”) gets my vote!

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcastThe Khan Academy (from “everyone” who shares on it). I do not care what critics say – it is (almost) the “future” of the University.

Best educational wikiEducational Origami (from Andrew Churches). Andrew’s wiki is packed with LEARNing resources that sensibly link ideas that matter with the notions of 21st Century LEARNing.

Best educational use of a social networkEnglish Companion Ning (from “everyone” who shares on it). Put simply – it is the “MicroSoft of educational social networking” (and I meant that in the most positive of ways)!


GOOD LUCK to everyone!

If you want to nominate some of your own favourite sites – go to the EduBlogs NOMINATION PAGE

  1. Thank you for the nomination.

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