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QUALITY (in Education) – the DVD Box-Set…

In Quality & Institutional Effectiveness on 24/09/2011 at 6:59 pm

Those of you familiar with allthingslearning know that we cover a lot of ground – from classroom practice to “the weather”.


Allthingsquality has been a recurring theme in many of our posts – and in true “Hollywood style” – here is a box-set summary of all our posts related to QUALITY


As good a place to start might be with a better understanding of what it is that tends to turn educators “off” the whole “quality movement”:

These posts also discuss what things might be more important to educators and teachers – when we look at notions of quality and “institutional effectiveness”.

I told you we also talk about the “weather” here at allthingslearning – these posts suggest ways that educational institutions could look into the climate they create:

And, a “wrap-up” on these matters:

This post got a lot of attention because of the “model” we proposed for the Organisational Culture of the 21st Century…with allthingslearning at its “heart”, of course!

There’s also a lot of talk about “best practices” in allthingsquality – so, perhaps you’d like to take a look at whether educational stakeholders are really “asking the RIGHT questions” (this was one of our most popular posts…ever):


Allthingsaccreditation is also a “big deal” here in Turkey (and all over the globe) these days so we did a couple of introductory posts to help institutions that were thinking about the process of “getting accredited”:


One of our really popular posts was part of our “Çay ve Simit Interview” series – here Engin Ayvaz from YU-SoFL (Izmir) outlined his experiences of going through an accreditation process:

We followed up the Çay ve Simit Interview with Engin with another post:


That should be enough for a few hours of “viewing” – quite the box-set! 

We aim to please…and “blogger care” is what we are all about!

OK – you just knew I had to get Star Wars in there somewhere…again!

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