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Bedtime Reading for Trainers-In-Training (Omnibus Edition)

In Teacher Training on 01/03/2012 at 5:54 pm

All that blogging about observations this week, made me realise that I hadn’t done an “update” on teacher educator resources for some time.

This is a list of allthingslearning “teacher training” posts (or “bits and bobs” that are most relevant to trainers) from the last 12 months – developed mostly for “trainers-in-training” but even more experienced teacher educators might find something of use.

I’ve broken them down into FOUR categories – and realised we could use a few more posts in a couple of categories. Mmmm – my blogging “to-do-list” groweth longer!

Enjoy! Feel free to add any other recommendations (from other sources or blogs) in the comments section.

From Teaching to Training


Teacher Education for the 21st Century


Classroom Observation


Workshops, Presentations & Conferences