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To “E” or not to “E” – Is that really the question?

In Technology on 14/10/2011 at 3:16 pm

I have been having so much “fun” recently – running around like a headless chicken, talking with “teacher leaders”…and missing high-speed trains!

But, in my “free-time” I’ve also been playing with a topic that I’ll be discussing at an up-coming conference in İstanbul:

To “E” or nor to “E”…

I have not bothered to google this phrase – as I don’t want to be disappointed that some other wise-cracking teacher or “math geek” came up with the phrase before I did (someone probably did nowt is original these days)! Anyways, it doesn’t really matter – because it’s the question that is important and what it leads all those cells in that mass of grey matter to create

Actually, as I’m a bit pushed for time today, I thought I’d do another “lazy post”…and ask for a few comments or ideas on the thoughts below – some of them very well known “quotes”.

When I think about it – it’s not really one of my lazy posts at all – do you know how much time it takes to create one of these “little jpegs”? Seriously…


Have a look…

Not sure if I like the way the term “cutting-edge” has been “upgraded“…bit scary!


Ahhh, yes – but then a very wise man has reminded us:

 Bit ironic really – do these CALIT2 and HUBO whiz-kids not read, at all?


You know I’m a bit of a “film-buff”

Women, too…now, there’s a “thought”!


So, where does this leave us? Well, it seems we can’t have a gander at an edublog these days without hearing about:


So, this is why so many are saying…


But, then again…

Go on – use the comments box! Or, you know the e-mail…..