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It’s weekend…

In Technology on 19/02/2011 at 4:07 pm

…So, something a little “lighter”!

I spent the day playing with my new iPad (yes, had to get one, too) and scanning the pages of a new book.

I’d checked out a cool video a few days back and had told myself that if two-year-old Clementine could handle it, so could I!

I went to the “Apple Shop” today and got meself one of the “toys” (and a pile of accessories that matched the cost of the bloody “toy” itself)!

Excited – I raced home (well, my wife drove me as I ripped open the box like a kiddie on Christmas morning – in the passenger seat)! I was gonna have so much fun!

I was so wrong. Clementine is so right – all iPads are “broken”!

I went back to my book to read about other little kids like her – Understanding the Digital Generation. What an eye-opener – “DFL screenagers” Vs. “DSL teachers”!

You don’t have to read the book (but I would) – definitely check out Ian Juke’s presentation and the  “Committed Sardine” blog (if you subscribe you get the first three chapters “free” – free I say)!

BOOKS we all gotta read before “Clementine’s digital army” marches onto the schoolyards of Turkey: