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More TED Talks…(and video INSPIRATION)

In Uncategorized on 25/02/2011 at 4:07 am

It turns out that all the posts I do seem to “sell” better when I give away a “gift” or two!

Duh! That’s just Marketing 101, Tony…

However, some “learning tools” are more than just “marketing techniques” – they just have to be shared – or “spread”!

I mentioned the TED talks in a recent post and a few friends have also been sharing a few of their favourites with me – here we go:



  • Interested in the brain or happiness? Take a look at this one from Dan Gilbert.
  • You know I am “in love” these days – so check out this one from my “father-in-law”.
  • And, you might like this one – from my father-in-law’s “best friend”.
  • And, who could say “no” to Jamie Oliver (have you tried one of his “curry dishes” lately) – he actually won the 2010 TED Prize with this one. So, OK, you might not hire him as a language teacher (comes from Essex in the UK – no, I was born in Exeter, UK) – but all your “kids” need to see this (their parents, too)!

Let us know…..if you find a favourite from your virtual tour of the TED Talks.

Take care – have a great weekend!