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In Book Reviews, Classroom Teaching, Our Schools on 05/09/2011 at 10:56 am

If you are anything like me (gosh, I hope not…well, not too much), you’ll love the Dummies series.

Did you know they can learn you just about anything from these – from Taxidermy to Blogging?

OK – the “taxidermy-thingy” was just mean, sorry!


But, they have “Dummies” for everything – everything it seems, except:

They just do not stock this title!


Now, this struck me as a little strange. Remember, I told you that I got to my 100th posting earlier this week? While I may have given up counting how many words I have used across all those postings – I did not give up on the most popular “internet search items” that brought people to allthingslearning.

The Top 12 search items (in order) were: 

  • classroom management
  • teaching
  • evil yoda
  • assessment for learning
  • classroom cartoon
  • jedi
  • yoda
  • sith yoda
  • classroom
  • teaching cartoon
  • lesson plan
  • classroom management cartoon

SERIOUSLY! These 12 items alone account for 35% of the traffic to this blog – again, these “Happiness Engineers” at WordPress give me such useful data! 


Now, this showed me a great many possible things: 

  1. I clearly write far too much about Star Wars on my blog!
  2. Lots of educators are just as interested in “Evil Sith Yoda” – as I am!
  3. Teachers and educators just surf the net for cartoons

The one thing it did highlight for me was the interest in classroom management.


In the past, I have done a couple of posts on classroom management (these have, again, been some of the most popular posts we have on the blog):


Now, apart from re-blogging these – I wondered what else I could do (until “Classroom Management for Dummies” is published) to help all those teachers that are getting ready to “go back to school” this week…in this part of the world!

I have also complied a list of my favourite Classroom Management resources in a “new” library (hot off the press – see below). It contains a number of the books I talk about in the two posts above!


But, hey – if you just came for the cartoon, here it is:

I really wish I could remember where I found this one. I came across it many, many years ago – and it was just sitting in a folder…till allthingslearning.

Seriously, if you know where it comes from, let me know!


The new library is here: Tony’s CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Library