Tony Gurr

Twitter, YouTube and…a TATOO!

In News & Updates (from the CBO), Technology on 30/03/2014 at 12:44 pm

This morning – I used my brand-new, shiny “vote”…

Tony Hoca (first vote)

…and got my first (and last) TATOO!


I know, I know…I had already won my little “blog battle.

But, today was “special“…it is not every day that you get to exercise your most fundamental democratic right as a new citizen…in a country you love and care for deeply.

And…to get to do that on the same day that your one-and-only big, little girl gets to cast her very first voteis just soooooo cool!


That is the the truth…

Micheal Moore quote (ballot box) TG ver 01

…and you can take that to the ballot box!


I also know that the part of town I live in (here in big, bad İstanbul) means that my vote won’t have too much of an “impact” – BUT every vote matters…and today…each of those votes matter more than ever.






Yes, today was special, very special…indeed!


However, we also have to remember that perhaps TOMORROW is even more important:

Vote rigging (Stalin quote) TG ver


My big, little girl and I…still… “BELIEVE” !




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