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Thank You for Your “Hizmet”, Tayyip Bey!

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I have lost the ability to #Tweet… – “legally”!

Tayyip and the Death of Twitter

8…and this is down to one man!


Those of you that know the blog…know that I do not usually talk “politics” here on allthingsLEARNing. I have always said politicians have no place in EDUcation…and we TEACHers are far too “honest” to want to get involved in their games.

However, the recent (and ridiculous) attempt to close down the #Tweetiverse is affecting the ability of me and my #Tweachers to LEARN, to SHARE and to COLLABORATE

…and thus  IMPROVE and EXPAND theLEARNing of our students!


Take a look at what #RTE’s ban has done to my blog readership in the past few days:


Thank you for your Hizmet 01


Thank you for your “HİZMET”, Tayyip Bey!


Now, this may seem “silly” to some of you – but we are EDUcatorswe LEARN best by “sharing”. I have done a few posts highlighting my own personal feelings on the value of #Twitter in a number of postseven been a bit critical of the #Twitterati meself!

But, we are talking about the freedom of expression here – and our RIGHT to LEARN!


I wonder how the ban of #Twitter is affecting real businesses” – the real businesses of very real Turkish citizens (and their families). There are many Turks eating and relying on e-bread to pay their bills and cover their rent these days.


Maybe, I shouldn’t whine and cry myself to sleep at night too much – it’s just a blog…it’s just a social media platform!

There are far more serious matters to worry about:




We have a saying in Turkish – “Gelebilir…her genç kızın başına“!


  1. Hi Tony,

    I think digital censorship also affects our students enormously – more than us actually. After all, we are old dogs who are eager to learn new tricks. However, they were born into this and it is an important way to express themselves.

    Whether this type of media is a friend or foe in education is a matter to be discussed. I, personally is not a great fan of technology! On the other hand, I cannot ignore students interest in such platforms and as a teacher I cannot ‘unsee’ their preference to use them.

    As a Turkish citizen and a teacher I do not need somebody else to decide “What’s good and what’s bad for me”! Thank you very much Mr. PM but I can decide myself! That’s what I’m gonna do on the 30th and I hope the new generation (our students and young colleagues do),too.

    Finally, I couldn’t help sharing a proverb, mostly used in Anatolia by the elderly:

    “Deli deli akan kanı, bura bura tıkarlar.”


    • Hocam – I will not even try to translate that one 🙂

      BUT, yes…..TOTALLY agree with you about March 30th – the first time I get to use my brand-new, shiny VOTE!


  2. Tony Hoca,
    If your Twitter is still blocked. Try, Tunnelbear and Google Chrome 🙂

    • TY, Hocam 🙂

      Actually, I decided to take a “stand” and not use any of these “backdoors” (apart from LinkedIN – that does auto-forwards on our behalf). Let them try and shut LinkedIN down!

      The “ruling” that has blocked our Twitter accounts also seeks to “criminalise” all those of us that can find a way to get round the ban. I will not be turned into a criminal by the acts of fools – fools that lack the integrity to “run the country”, let alone tell me what I can and cannot do on my social media platforms.

      That having been said:



  3. My e mail signature including my personel information has also attached to the comment. I would like my comment to be deleted, but I can’t find a section to edit or delete comments. If you can help with this I would be really happy.

    • Sumeyye – Yes, something very “strange” happened there.

      I have removed all the personal details.


      Your original comment was:


      I am from Turkey. Thank you for your realisation. He is not only trying to ban Twitter but also all the social media including facebook and youtube; including all educational video channels on youtube. We need international support here in Turkey for our freedom.

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