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What are the 3 QUESTIONS you have to ask EVERY student you meet?

In Classroom Teaching, Teacher Learning on 15/09/2013 at 2:37 am

In a recent post…I asked my own version of a question that has become ever-so-fashionable in the blogosphere of late:

Quick Fix 02


…I had friends that really gave me a “hard time” for getting so “touchy-feely” (YES…they were all “Brits”) with my bouts of bloggery!

Come on, guys – you know how I feel about that stuff…


Quick Fix 00


That having been said – it does feel good to do these shorter posts!

HEYI might even turn them into a book!


But, and in my defence, I have been feeling these feelings for so longthey just spilled out!

Problem was…what also accompanied these feelings was an uncontrollable urge to do one of those very “Top 10” postsposts I have grown to love ‘n hate…as you well know!


Must fight the “urge”!


My original question was a heartfelt one… – OK, it was created by a feeling of pissed-offness (at paying so much money for a very average LEARNing Opportunity):

What I want my TEACHers to say to me


BUT…I “meant” it…HONEST to God!


As I thought about that “core question”…and, the fact that so many of us TEACHers were meeting so many of our students – for the first time this week, a couple of other questions peculated to the surface, too:


3 FQs (Core Questions)


Questions so few of my TEACHers asked me…ever!


Not touchy-feely at all – very practical.

Practical questions that give students a “voice” (on ‘Day One’)…and help us create the “climate” we need for REAL LEARNing.


…and “feel” the difference between:

Quick Fix 01


  1. I think you got to the heart of it Tony. Our feelings about learning are so often ignored or dismissed.

    The problem is they become part of our “learning map” (how we see our learning landscape – impassible mountains to some are vantage points to others). I think you know my work on LQ ( which deals with helping learners manage their own learning environment to meet their learning needs.

    These three questions are what every learner should ask themselves when they face a learning challenge. Perhaps number 3 – “What needs to happen in our classroom … .” should be personalised as “What should happen in my approach to learning … .” I think this has the effect of putting the learner in charge of their own learning rather than relying on a third party to manage it for them.

    As you some up your article highlighting the need for a student to have a voice if we are to create the right climate I am up and applauding 🙂

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