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What I want my TEACHers to “say” to me…from now on!

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06 Creativity FQs (balance TG ver)


A while back, I signed up for one of those “training programmes”.

You know…those professional, cutting-edge (or “bleeding edge”), high “value-added” 5-day courses – at a “posh hotel”, of course!


Yes, I am now missing an appendage or three!


I won’t tell you what the “course” was about…don’t want to embarrass meself (or the trainer)!

But, suffice to say, it wasn’t a very pleasant LEARNing opportunity…for me, at least. OK – I LEARNed a few new (and quite “sexy”) buzz-words or rather LEARNed “about” a few buzz-words…

The food and snacks were great!

Have to admit that…


What I will tell you is that I heard a lot of this:


  • This is the CONTENT I will DELIVER

LEARNing (cannot be delivered) Ver 02


  • This is the KNOWLEDGE you will leave the PROGRAMME with…

EdL (Care and Emotions)


After a wee bit of thunking, I have decided not to do one of these programmes again – or, at least, till I hear a “trainer” say this:


What I want my TEACHers to say to me

…to me!

– and “mean” it…


See! I can do short, bite-sized posts!


  1. I’m curious as to what prompted this post. Was it simply that “bad” experience, or is it something you put into your own training of teachers?

    I never would have thought of this before I started my MA studies at SIT. Here we were asked to write a teacher’s autobiography as well as a cultural autobiography. At the time I wasn’t aware of what this would do for myself and my teaching community. Now, there is nothing more clear. The story of who we are (our experience) is what moves us forward with intention. We may change, and we may keep some things, but if I don’t explore my story I, or my teacher, will not be able to help me.

    Thank you for this Tony, especially sine our new 5 month course starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to hear their stories.


    • Hi Josette,

      A great question…I was worried that it might come across as a “rant” (OK – it was…but that was not the main point). I love that idea of the autobiography – and while I have never used it in the same context, it is something that I build into many of my sessions – you know, the whole idea of “know thyself” or the notion of “looking in (and back)” to “move ahead”reflective practice.

      I guess my focus here is a bit of “old wine in a new bottle” (for me and the blog) – LEARNing has to be about the people who are doing it, not the “stuff” they are doing. Rather than simply working as a good trainer (or teacher) – thinking about ways of “acting” as good (LEARNing) consultant. The first step here (when a consultant is “good”) is to get to know someone else’s “story”…before being “for” and “with” them.

      I think this experience (something I do from time – LEARN something…in a formal environment…I would not normally LEARN in my day-to-day life) reminded me to always challenge the assumptions we work with (esp. when they are hidden) – in the case of this trainer: “coverage of content is the core purpose”.

      I guess this approach to “consulting” is a better way of understanding our own stories – and it’s a principle that can help us “teach” better.

      Does that make sense? I’d love to hear more about what you are doing on the new course – how it unfolds…a mini-series on the blog?

      Take care,


      P.S: Got the other note – will reply 😉

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