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How to KILL Creativity!

In Our Schools, Our Universities, Technology on 25/08/2013 at 10:23 am

Creativity (Sir Ken quote 01)


You might not know this…


BUT, there’s a reason why I have never invited Bill Gates to do a guest-post on the ‘ole blog:

Bill Gates on constructivism (ver 02 TG)

OK – there’s more than ONE!


However, I think not having a clue about allthingsLEARNing…is a pretty good one!


To be fair, he did say this way back in 2011…he’s probably LEARNed a great deal since he started throwing more money than God at his pet” “educational” “projects (not quite sure where to put the quotation marks there)!


When we think about it though – really think about it. It’s kinda funny that one of the “giants” of the IT industry, an industry that prides itself on creativity, should say something like that. I mean Bill has an Education degree (a masters even) and has been in the classroom for well over 20 years, yes?


Come on! It’s not as if he “bought” his seat at the “educational reform” table!


Steve Jobs on Bill Gates

What if Steve was right?


I couldn’t say!


But, let’s assume…for a minute…that he is – what was it that “killed” the creativity in Bill Gates?

He came from a good family…got the best education money could buyBUT lost something along the way.


Well, I overheard a conversation on the Metrobus yesterday (who says my posts are based on gossip and hearsay?). It seems Bill Gates was part of the group of kids used in the longitudinal study carried out by George Land and Beth Jarman (a fair few years back).

This study (among others) tells us that only around 2% of adults are “creative geniuses” (after the age of 25) – but, surely that’s better than our kids, yes? We can all learn to get more creative as we go through life…

Study (Land and Jarman 1998)

Ahh…now it all makes sense!


Yes, me and my dogs…all thunked the same when we saw those numbers, too!

Creativity and My Dogs


You see:

Creativity (Sir Ken quote 02)



Steve Jobs (and Margaret Mead’s grandmother) had the solution:

Margaret Mead and her Education ver 02 TG




What about the kids already in school? What about the teachers? Do we have nothing to help them out?


Real, recent…research?

The type not overheard on an İstanbul Metrobus?


Well, let’s have it, baby!

Creativity Study 01

Creativity Study 02

Creativity Study 03


MmmmTRANSformation…sounds like one of those “commie plots” my dad told me all about…more like a REVolution!


Creativity Study 04


Oh, OK…not too shabby!


You mean, it’s just that easy?

Let’s get on that! Hey, yes…all you Ministry of Education bods!


Yeah, right!

…till then – I guess it falls to us TEACHers (again):

Creativity (Einstein Quote ver 03)


BUT, there is one last question:


How exactly did Gates become a Master of the Universe (two universes, actually…it would now appear)?


If you want some “BEDtime READing” – check out Tony’s CREATIVITY Library

  1. I think creativity is a spirit that can be encouraged through a willingness to allow students to come up with their own unique take on any subject matter. How things are being taught is as important as what is being taught. As much as the US educational system is still grade and accomplishment focused, the US is still leading the world in terms of creating new ideas. There is much hope. I find the George Land and Beth Jarman interesting, great post!

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