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THUNKS…for Teachers (this time)!

In Adult Learners, ELT and ELL, Teacher Learning on 27/07/2013 at 8:26 am

Teacher THUNKS 01


A short while back I did a couple of posts on “THUNKS”:

…and highlighted the great little book from Ian Gilbert  –  The Little Book of THUNKS – 260 questions to make your brain go ouch!


A lot of you seemed to like this notion of THUNKingas any TEACHer worth her salt should. One of my friends also suggested that I read the follow-up book that Ian also did… – there was another?


As it happened, I had actually bought that one , too – The Book of Thunks – but as I was moving house (I have done this soooooo many times over the last 17-18 years). The book remained packed…and it was not until I moved to big, bad İstanbul last month (and to a new house…again) that I re-discovered it.


As was the case with the first, it was chokablock with some great thunkssome of them about LEARNing:

Teacher THUNKS 03 (three from Ian Gilbert)


The problem was…as I worked my way through the thunks, very few of them were directly linked to TEACHers. This is probably because Ian had set up this book as a set of dinner-party conversation starters – designed to annoy the bloody hell out of unwanted guests, no doubt.

So…I decided to adapt a few of them – like the one in the very first image of this post.


Now, that one might not make your brain go “ouch”…but it sent shivers down my back! Go on…THUNK it over for a minute – and then ask your “boss” what she thunks!

I dare YOU!


I started by playing with this one:

Teacher THUNKS 02

OMG! That’s a bit serious, Tony…I work in the Gulf!


Here’s another:

Teacher THUNKS 04

Now, this is a topical one!


What about this one:

Teacher THUNKS 05

İsa, Meryem and Yusuf! Tony…


Try this one:

Teacher THUNKS 06

Now, that’s a conundrum!


Hey, try this – with a few TEACHer-pals:

Teacher THUNKS 07

Bet they never RT your tweets again!


This one is for any TEACHer that has taught in a Turkish primary or high school – to lighten things a little:

Teacher THUNKS 08

I thought they were both “dead“!


I thought they would all be good for TEACHer pot-luck parties (most of us can’t afford to host a dinner party).

If your brain is not hurting too much, drop us a comment with your reflecto-THUNKS!



If you like these THUNKS….and want to do some of your own – why not pop over to and “add” a few yourself!


Bedtime Reading: The Book of Thunks

  1. Hi Tony–wow…all these “thunks” seem to follow a theme–under the ethical or unethical umbrella perhaps? 🙂 It’s a heavy set of questions for a teacher, but I can tell you honestly, that I’ve thought all of them at some point or another. Is it ever OK to be uninspired with your work? Probably not. Food for thought. Thanks 🙂

    • Thx Kulsoom,

      You know, I had never really thought about that “umbrella theme” – but I guess you are right…on second thunk 😉

      TY for dropping in,


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