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LEARNer Motivation …the best kept SECRET… “EVER”!

In Adult Learners, Classroom Teaching, ELT and ELL, Teacher Learning on 09/06/2013 at 4:16 pm

The SECRET (logo 01)

I’m guessing “this”… is why you have dropped into the ole blog today, ehh?


I’m assuming, for a start, you have not come here…for:

The SECRET (Victoria)

…BUT, then again!


Rather…”motivated” by my little tease of a blog post title, you are after…

The SECRET (logo 02)

…of motivating your students…your LEARNers!


Are you sure…? I have been doing a lot of this business lately – you know:

Truth (mini ver 02)

You know what they say about “getting” what you “wish” for…


The thing is…with this one, I might end up having to agree with Jack Nicholson:

Handle the truth

…I really do!


I mean…what happens, if you are disappointed by:

The SECRET (logo 02)

After all…all that glitters is not gold, my friends!


When you hear it…you might just thunk:

The SECRET (Expletive)

…and never come back to the blog…EVER!


I wouldn’t want that to happen…I care about you all too deeply for that!


I don’t know…don’t know what to do…really don’t…

Gamification 08 (exploding head upgrade)Let me sleep on it…then, I’ll decide!

  1. And so, as I end this seemingly long semester, I too hoped for that silver bullet of a secret that is so elusive! 🙂

    On another note, I wonder whether I should stop seeking; every context, classroom is so different and individual. Yes, there may be shared characteristics among them, but each has its own classroom culture. As for success…..I rejoice for students who pass their exams (and today I have been rejoicing for those who have passed their IELTS), and I rejoice for those, who have learnt and are more confident in their learning. For those students who have grown.

    It always amazes me how students develop and grow – and how teachers are only a small part of that process. Almost invisible to the messy thing called “learning”, teaching and teachers make me proud – even if you haven’t yet decided to share the magic of motivation 😉

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