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So…Hazırlık is BROKEN! – Time to play…

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Blame Game 02 (parents and teachers)

I told you all (at the very start of this little series)…we’d come back to this!


You know how to play, yes?

We pick an individual (or group)…and start pointing fingers:

Blame Game (TG ver)

…where to begin – with allthingshazırlık? 


Even though we human beings have been playing this game for years…and (in education) we have elevated it to an art form – the first ‘target’ is usually the same!


Bedtime reading (teachers)

I mean, come on!

They are all bloody lazybeen doing the same kinds of thing for years. They refuse to changejust look at how many of them are still not using technology in their classrooms. Shiriously, I mean…we offer them all these workshops and development opportunities…and they just sit there!

I guess it might be OK if they actually got decent results…but look how many of their students are failing all those lovely tests and exams we have developed for them.

That Jeff Bliss kid on YouTube (you know the one with the lovely hair) is so right…most teachers are just in it for the pay cheque…nothing inspirational, nothing that makes kids think…nothing!

Fire them all!


Sorry (bw)

You know what I really think! Don’t you?


I did promise to uphold George Orwell’s advice in this series…

Truth (mini ver 02)

Yes, there are some teachers out there that are lazy and do not care (as in any profession)– they might even deserve to lose their jobs.

So, “deal” with them on a case by case basis – do not tar and feather a whole community for the sins of the few!

And, pleasepleasefor crying out loud…do not believe everything you see in the blogosphere (esp. on this blog)…or anything from the so-called ‘EDUreformers’ (esp. if they owned a software firm…or still own a construction company)!


Hang on a tick there, Tony! We are supposed to be playing the game…we do NOT apologise in this ‘game’!

Sorry, forgot meself there for a minute…well, if we are gonna play properly – we might as well start at the top.

YES (red exlam tilted)

Mmmm, where is the top, acaba?

  • The SYSTEM (whatever that is) is ‘crap’!
  • ADMINISTRATORS are ‘crap’!


OK, OK…but we meant the ‘top…top’:

  • YÖK is ‘crap’!
  • The UNIVERSITY EXAM is ‘crap’!


…didn’t you say something about the serenity prayer, earlier?

Serenity Prayer

Let’s just stay with the easy stuff:

  • RECTORS are ‘crap’!
  • DEANS are ‘crap’!
  • DIRECTORS are ‘crap’!
  • DEPUTY DIRECTORS are ‘crap’!
  • CHAIRS are ‘crap’!
  • DEPARTMENT HEADS are ‘crap’!
  • COORDINATORS are ‘crap’!
  • LECTURERS are ‘crap’!


Hang on…we work at a Vakıf University!

  • The MÜTEVELLİ HEYETİ is ‘crap’!

Langwich Scool cartoon

Wait a minute…didn’t these kids study English at school?

  • PRIMARY TEACHERS are ‘crap’!
  • SECONDARY TEACHERS are ‘crap’!

And…what about all those ‘sweat-shops’ – parents paid them a bloody fortune?

  • DERSHANE TEACHERS are ‘crap’!
  • PRIVATE TUTORS are ‘crap’!


Are we forgetting anyone?

  • PARENTS are ‘crap’!

all of them are ‘idiots’! And, there’s really something about all those ‘sonradan görme’ parents, you know…the ‘new rich upstarts’ – the ‘kültürsüz nouveau riche’ we all love to hate!


Ahhhh, we forgot one group – a very important group!

  • STUDENTS are ‘crap’!

expletive bubble

…they are lazy, never want to do any work (let alone homework or those wonderful online practice activities we give them)…always on their bloody phones! All they want to know and ask is “Hocam, is this gonna be on the test?” …then get straight to Facebook or Instagram. We were never like that when we were younger…what’s wrong with them?

I mean do they not care about LEARNing…at all?

Sound familiar? Bet you have even said a few of these things yourself, yes?


Oh, yeah – before we wrap up! And, what about those stupid books we have to use?

  • PUBLISHERS are ‘crap’!

Selection what?


Feel better?

So, how much have we ‘fixed’?


FAILure (Covey quote)

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