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We ARE how we TEACH…

In Adult Learners, Classroom Teaching, Our Universities, Teacher Learning on 12/12/2012 at 1:11 pm

A few days back I did a very short post…and some of you thought I could never do it!

I drew on a few of the ideas of Carl Rogers to highlight what “MATTERS” when we thunk about allthingslearning. Actually, I’m still entertaining the fantasy that “Uncle Carl” may be my “birth father” and spreading rumours that he was actually in the UK around 9 months before I was born!


Although, I loved what he said about “real LEARNing”…my favourite quote from Carl Amca is:

Rogers QUOTE (Facilitation of LEARNing)

See that? He said “his LEARNing“…

…”proof”definitive proof…that he had an illegitimate “son”…during his stay in the UK!


The problem is, of course, that we all “define” ourselves as TEACHers (saying “I’m a facilitator of LEARNing” is still a bit of a mouthful for most of us)…and, sadly, most of us are still evaluated by how well we “sages” on our “stages”…

Tony Wagner QUOTATION (isolation)

…or, far worse, by the “grades” our LEARNers get by listening to (and memorizing) the diatribes of their EDUthespians – especially in our schools of so-called “higher LEARNing”!

BUT, I digress!


There is nothing wrong with being a TEACHer (despite what many parents “say”Thanks Pat) – what matters more, however, is the kind of TEACHer we is…

Another of my favourite quotes comes from Parker Palmerindeed, I “stole” today’s title from this very non-EDUthespian TEACHer:

Palmer QUOTATION (TEACH who we are)

Take another lookwhat do you thunk Parker is saying to YOU?


It makes total sense…when we work it out (it took me a few stabs)!

The first step in becoming a better TEACHer is all about LEARNing more about “who we are” as TEACHers (pre-, while- and post-classroom “performances”).


This, in turn, requires that we recognise…

Whitby QUOTATION (Better EDU cators)

…Yes, I am on a roll with all my “stealing” today!


In recent years, we TEACHers have started to talk a lot more about LEARNacy – the LEARNacy of our students.

This is wonderful…but not enough.

We really have to explore our own levels of LEARNacya wee bit more, first!


So, here’s another whacky idea – I’m coming up with a lot of these of late – why don’t you speak with your Head of Department…your Supervisor…your Dean…today…

…and ask her to cancel this week’s (boring) “meeting” (you know it’s going to be a waste of time, anyways)…and replace it with a “brown bag TEACHer LEARNing Forum”.


You know…so you can share some thunks on the following questions:



these ones even:



…and, here’s a few that will “retire” a few cells of that old grey matter:



Aristotle QUOTATION (we are what we do)

  1. Tony

    Good one today! Call what it you like“reflective practice”, etc – it’s all about transformative LEARNing and I think you highlighted the key ideas.

    I have forwarded this on to a number of my former colleagues in HCT.

    Merry Xmas!

    Peter HG

    • Hi Peter,

      TYSM for the vote of support – and for forwarding it onto our “old haunt” (if we were both still there, we’d have the same boss” 😉

      GR8 to hear from you again – Thx 4 dropping in (again)…

      Take care & May the “Force” Be with You… (or whatever we call it) 😉


  2. An educator means to be a constant leaner as well.

    • Sonia,

      So true – as one of my favourite “mentors” once said – “Tony, just because you’re a TEACHer now…doesn’t mean you can forget being a LEARNer” 😉

      Take care,


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