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Don’t VOTE For Me… (aka #eddies12 – Pt 02)

In News & Updates (from the CBO), Technology on 26/11/2012 at 6:33 pm

OK…it seems I have a couple of e-pals!

…or maybe…it is just that “brown envelopes” handed over in dark, underground parking garages….really do work, after all!


OK – to the real “business” of today!

The nominations are “in”shortlists are being prepared (well almost)…and fans of bloggery around the globe are holding their breath…as I bang away at my keyboard!


I have a “bad feeling” about this…Obi-Wan!


Over the next few days…your twitter accounts and e-mail folders will start to fill up with messages like these:


What the senders of these little messages “actually” mean is:

…or perhaps:


You might even get one like this:

Please, please, please….do NOT vote for “that guy”!


Also, do not be sucked in by messages like this:

It didn’t work for Romney…it ain’t gonna work for the #Eddies12!


Some people will try to intimidate you:


…”threaten” you, even:

Do not get scared!

If you ever met half of these guys in the “real world”you’d know why!


There will be others“creative types”…that will peak your interest with their visual wizardry and IT skill set:

Do not be fooled!


And then…there are guys like me

…”nice” blokes that say:




Best individual blog

Best group blog

  • Inquire Within – from bloggers in 14 countries, across 6 continents

Best new blog

Best ed tech / resource sharing blog

Best teacher blog

Most influential blog post

Best individual tweeter

Best twitter hashtag

Best free web tool

Best educational wiki

Best educational use of a social network

Best mobile app

Lifetime achievement


Good luck to all!


  1. Thank you so much for your kindness. I like how you approach the Eddies! 🙂 Please let me know how CASTLE and I can be of support to you!

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