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Bringing “The Voice” to EDUcation…

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Move over “Idol“!

…we now have:

Those of you that have been with the blog from the early days know that I have a couple of guilty pleasuresI do love me “musical TV reality shows”.


The Voice is one of my new favourites – and, although we now have versions all over the world…in canım Türkiyem (I do love Mustafa-I-still-have-an-araba), Brazil, Ireland, the Phillipines (those guys should win), Holland, the UK (haven’t got a bloody chance…check out our Eurovision results of late), Vietnam….and even a few “kiddie versions”


….I gotta admit – I still love the original US version!

…sorry Acun!


I just love the idea that we have a panel of judges that have to form a team from a number of “voices” – without “faces”!

Yes, this actually means that anyone…regardless of colour, shape or size (gender, too – in some cases)…with a great voice…has a chance at winning!

What’s even better

…is when a couple of judges (or even all four of them) turn around for the same singer (by hitting their button and turning their “magic” chair to “see” who they have chosen), the singer gets to witness a battle between the judges (Adam and Blake are so much fun to watch…) before she or he chooses the judge that will become their mentor!

How cool is that?


The fun has increased this year (in the US version)…because (after the infamous “battle rounds) judges can actually “steal” voices from the other judges’ teams!

Brilliant….absolutely brilliant!


SO, I hear you ask…what the heck does this have to do with EDUcation?

Well, you all know I have been a wee bit critical of all the silly rankings and league tables we have dragged into our schools, colleges and universities!

These “scorecards” say nothing (nowt, nada…hiç bir sey, yani) about the quality of LEARNing these institutions co-create with the LEARNers that “select” them as “mentors”…sadly, these institutions (the ones that get a warm, tingly sensation in their loins when they hear phrases like “THE World Reputation Rankings) are, in a nutshell, more interested in getting their tape measures out and flashing their citation indicesthan they are in the students that help them pay the bills!


Here’s what I thunk!


Wouldn’t it be great if STUDENTS, PARENTS and EMPLOYERS could sit in the judges’ chairs!

The “voices” our new judges “listen to” are the promise statements the institutions make to all of them:

their beliefs about LEARNing and TEACHing (“curriculum” and “assessment”, too)

what they “do” (for LEARNers) with these beliefs (in practice)…and

…how they will make a (real) difference to the lives of every, single LEARNer that walks through their doors!


Now, that’s a reality show I’d be proud to put on my list of guilty pleasures!

Would you?

  1. I concur with Idol and X Factor, Britain and Americas got talent, but I suffered the uk voice for seven weeks, then COULD not carry on. Horrific toe curling and embarrassing production values from four idiots (even Tom J). The Irish geezer (who is he?) and the awful and horrrrific JessieJ made me want to punch the lights out of the new plasma. The final bloke only gets off with cheek because of his “I got a feelin'” song which I really like. Admittedly I never watched the US show, Aguellerarraeeaara being the reason, but that UK effort was cringeworthy I cannot support the brand. Sorry, Tony, I am still with Both X factors an Talents, but Idol may get the body swerve now that batmong MCarey is on board

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  2. Whilst I like the idea and the concept anyone could win regardless of race, colour etc. the fact is anyone can be chosen, but as to winning. Well that has the same overtones as choosing a school. For example popularity, image, reputation etc. Once it comes down to the public choosing stage I think we see the same old narrow set of values coming into play.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thx for dropping by (love your blog, BTW) 😉

      Yes, I totally get that…I guess I have to take my guilty pleasures where I can. I’m often critical of the “system” – but deep down (in my heart of hearts) I know the values of many parents lie at the heart of the problem. Sadly ;-(

      But, as they say, “keep up the good fight“…you never know…one day 😉


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