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What does it mean to “UNcover” a CURRICULUM? (Pt 04)

In Classroom Teaching, Curriculum on 05/10/2012 at 3:10 pm

As we saw in Pt 03UNcovering your CURRICULUM is all about…

TEACHing for LEARNing


Let me elaboratewith the help of a couple of friends!

When a TEACHer starts to UNcover his CURRICULUM we see a rush of collocations and synonyms that we do not typically associate with Classroom A:

The TEACHer in Classroom B is NOT about…

TEACHing for COVERage


She gets really angry when others try to force her to “just” focus on:

…and you really wouldn’t like her when she’s “angry”!


As we said – it IS all about TEACHers!

Most “UNcovering” is done in the classroom (why do you think we TEACHers get in trouble for “exposing” our students to everything left, right and centre) – what TEACHers “know” and what they “do with” what they know is almost as important as who they “are”! 

BUT…we all have to work with a CURRICULUM, of some sort – and this is why I asked the question I asked right at the start of this post:


OK – so here’s the deal…let me give you 5 minutes to dig out yours…yes, I know you might call it a syllabus (or even a “pacing guide”) – but pull it out, anyways!

Got it?

Sitting comfortably?

Let’s begin…


Well, just before that – could I ask:

We’ll come back to these – promise!


So, take a couple of minutes to shake the dust off it…sorry…flick through it.

Now, ask yourself this:

 If not, you is so lucky – do not leave that institution!


Otherwise…and like most of us…you are probably thunking…and whispering…

 …under your breath!



You see…most institutions do not operate in the way you might assume (from looking at the things they “say” about themselves on their websites…and the brochures they send out to parents)!


…to have to “pop” that little bubble!


If all schools, colleges and universities really caredand I mean “really cared”…about their LEARNers (and TEACHers), they would operate with a curriculum framework that would allow all of us to answer:

…to the following questions:


And then…

…TEACHers would also KNOW how the institution KNOWS these things …as well as KNOWıng that the institution checks in with LEARNers them on a regular basis!


There are a couple of questions that highlight the need for this information in a user-friendly way (LEARNers are users, too):


However,there is another critical factor:


BUT…this is the ONE:


…rather than their “rankings” or how many of their students out-did those “other guys” in the various high-stakes or do-or-die tests we are forced to take these days!

  1. The final question is just awesome!

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