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LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Postscript)

In Classroom Teaching, Teacher Training on 16/09/2012 at 1:27 pm

ShirourslyPart 05 was supposed to be the “end”! It was…


About half way through Part 04, I actually had doubts about even doing Part 05 at all! You see, it dawned on me (as it has done before) that those of you that read my bouts of bloggery, probably do not need to be reading this stuff…

Those that might need to read (and reflect on) these things are the:

  • TEACHers that run Classroom A
  • School “LEADers”
  • Politicians

…exactly the people who might say…BLOGS…never bloody ‘erd of ‘em!

What to do? 


Well, the deal is that…just as we all have a moral responsibility to thunk about STUDENT LEARNing (I was gonna say “LEARNer LEARNing – but that just seems a bit of “overkill”)…we have a moral responsibility to help each other as educatorsto thunk about TEACHer LEARNing!

Now, this duty is just not to ensure that LEARNers are not sent back to Classroom A (after they have done a session with us…in Classroom B)…but because we are TEACHers!

We help eachother…we LEARN eachother…and we “do” it best together!


How do we do this? What sort of things can we do, acaba?


…for TEACHers!


Next time you have a scheduled Teachers’ Meeting (you know, the “boring” ones…where all we do is talk about stuff that is not related to LEARNing), ask your HoD if you can have a spot on the agenda (try to keep this spot on EVERY agenda…really)!

Tell everyone you want to have a LEARNing Conversation about the classrooms…and have copies of Alfie Kohn’s “chart” at the ready (from his post “What to look for in the classroom” – this is hot-link, BTW).

Hand out the chartand tell everyone that this was produced in 1996 – and you want to see how well “we” are doing. Let your teachers run through the chart – celebrate, if you have more “good signs” than “possible reasons to worry”.

But, still ask:


If not, get the team to “see” where they are…and, come up with their own “ideas” – ways to improve how you all “do business” in the classroom. If you have some “Classroom B teachers”, get them to share what they have done…what workswhat matters!


…and making a few of these changes needn’t have the same price tag as the Death Star!




…for a TEACHer (perhaps, who lives in Classroom A – but loved the meeting and your agenda item).


Offer to have coffee or lunch with them…shiriously! Tell them you saw the way they got so involved with the classroom ideas…help them make it happen in their classroom!

Over time, follow up…ask how things are going and what things are getting better!

Invest in them (they teach your LEARNers, too) and try to get the relationship to the point where you can ask and answer questions togetherimprove things together.


See if you can’t both discuss questions like these:

…all the time…and, talk specifically about “our” STUDENTS and “our” LEARNers!


Get into the habit of talking about questions like these:

Many of us do this all the time…but usually with other TEACHers from Classroom B.


BUT…what about Classroom A? …remember “perspective” in the questions:

And, because we know…

…you might want to try “real” powerful questions like:


…and keep asking questions that help us “celebrate”:

Yes, I know this is a “big ask” – but, it works…it gets results…and, if you think engaging a “kid” is “cool”wait until you “feel” it with a TEACHer from Classroom A!


Mmmmmm…what to do with School LEADers and Politicians, acaba?

Send them a link to this blog…and tell them I’m doing a really “cool” mini-series on how “standardised testing” is the next best thing after sliced ekmek!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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