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LEARNer Engagement in a Culture of LEARNacy (Part 02)

In Classroom Teaching, Our Schools, Our Universities on 11/09/2012 at 5:57 pm

The other week (caused, in part, by the little image you see above and a few of the questions I shared with you in Part 01 of this little mini-series) someone called me a “LEARNatic” – a term I had not heard before!

I actually thought it was quite “smart”…and I took it for what it was – a bit of venting by a TEACHer who was clearly bored of life…and certainly wasn’t interested in student engagement or post-summer CPD workshops!

Hey, we can’t win them all!


What I didn’t know was that the term itself also served to put me in some very esteemed company – a community made up of people like Carl Rogers…like Jerome Bruner…like Jean Rudduck…like Guy Claxton…please let me go on…please!

I was chuffed to bits!


The term LEARNatic was in fact coined by that pillar of virtue, Chris Woodhead, the former Chief Inspector of Ofsted (the UK’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills) – basically Darth Vader’s “school inspectors”.

Woodhead used the term to describe the ideas of people like Guy Claxton – you know, those UK-based LEARNatics that were suggesting that schools hadn’t quite got it right and that they all needed to be thinking about Julia and Jean’s 3Rs and 3Cs…those LEARNatics that were suggesting that the “examocracies” we had created all over the bloody planet just weren’t working…and we needed a new educational agenda for the 21st Century…

…an agenda based on LEARNacy!


BTW, Chris Woodhead also earned himself the reputation of being Righteous, Reactionary and Rong – the 3Rs UK educators use to describe him…but that’s for another post!


It was Guy, actually, that thunked up the term LEARNacy…in his 2002 book – Building Learning Power.

Now, I bet you are now expecting me to jump right in and “tell” you what it is all about!

…and, you’d be totally “wrong”


Well, what I thought was that I’d prefer to ask you a few…questionsand see if you are a LEARNatic, too!

Is that OK?


Here we go (and remember…be “honest”…no copying!):

Nearly there…just 2 more to go!

Would you like an “answer key”? 


Now – boyz n’ gurlz, if you answered all those questions (well, 8 out of 10 of them) in the affirmative – congratulations!

You are a LEARNatic – welcome to the community!

Bedtime Reading…

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