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The “STORY” so far…

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Now, I know some of you have been saying that the so-called “rock” is my Twitter account – and the “hard place” is the Blog! But, come on – I was on holiday and am trying to make up for my lack of bloggery all this (and last) month

It’s true – I have been over-doing it a bit these last few days…but that is the “blogging bug”!



A few weeks ago, inspired by a number of LEARNing Conversations I’d been having with some lads and lasses here, I decided to tackle the “challenge” of “pacing guides”. Although I had done a fair few posts on allthingscurriculum – it seemed that many of the people I was chatting with were getting a bit, shall we say, “miffed” at the “pressure” their institutions (they claimed) were putting on them (as TEACHers)…

However, as I explored the challenge more I more – I started to see that it was not as “simple” as it looked (remember what Dexter told us). It was not just a single “rock” that was weighing us down – but a whole series of (very) “hard places”. “Hard places” and “rocks” that we did not even agree on…

I started a couple of poststhe posts became a “series”the first series got “interrupted”I started a couple more “side-posts”these became another “series”! Twas not only my co-bloggers that faced “DEATH-by-BLOGGING”…

BUTI had to finish…yes, I am a little “anal”, too …have a “mild case of OCD”aren’t/don’t most of us in the EDUcation game?

So, I have decided to finish what I started and do the Pt 05 I have been putting off for so long…but Pt 05 of what? Here’s a quick summary of all the posts – in case, like me, you have spent the summer playing (ultimate) Jenga – and you’ve “missed” a few of them (afterall, tis Sunday tomorrow):


Between a ROCK and a very HARD PLACE…(Pt 01)

Although this post was originally conceived as a “rant” about “pacing guides” (and our overuse of them in curriculum planning these days), it actually ended up more as a search for the answer to a question – “What are we here to do for our LEARNers”? The post also considered why it is that even “great TEACHers” are sometimes tempted to “settle” for “factory model TEACHing” – and classroom practices that do little more than create “assembly line LEARNing”


Between a ROCK and a very HARD PLACE…(Pt 02)

This time I finally got to me “rant”! Here I seriously “stuck” it to all those pacing guidelines that make our lives “hell-on-earth” – but ended up asking the question “So, who really gets stuck between this rock and hard place”?


Between a ROCK and a very HARD PLACE…(Pt 03)

In this post, I tried to answer the question I had finished up Pt 02 with – and looked at both TEACHer and LEARNer perspectives on the matter. Here I used a highly-scientific research model (I asked a few “mates” what they thunked) – and it uncovered a few surprises (and a little more understanding of how the “blame game” is still being played in our schools, colleges and universities)!


Between a ROCK and a very HARD PLACE…(Pt 04)

This was perhaps the most “fun” post I did in this series – and, it involved an interview between Superman and The Flash on the very nature of “pacing” in sports (and how we had “screwed up” royally when we dragged it – kicking n’ screaming – into education). Flash showed himself to be a surprisingly “smart EDUthunker”!



THEN, I got side-tracked…by these:


Can a teacher “create” LEARNing THAT LASTS?

This was the “monster” that actually stopped me finally getting to Pt 05 of the “ROCKS n’ HARD PLACES” mini-series! This was essentially because I wanted to talk about the “design flaw” so many of our institutions are “built” on. In this post I explored some definitions of LEARNing, trashed them and (then) suggested some questions that might help us get to a better definition and LEARNing THAT LASTS (with a little help from my friends at Alverno).


LEARNing THAT LASTS – the “Pinterest” VERSION!

Here I responded to “blogger feedback” on my murderous act of “bloggery” – and, this post was a mini-version of “LEARNing THAT LASTS Pt 01” – for the visually-talented and textually-challenged. Mostly a summary of the first post – with all the best “pictures” and very little text.


Questions Students Ask (aka “LEARNing THAT LASTS” – Pt 03)

Here I introduced the “story” of one of my dear TEACHer friends – going through a bit of an end-of-year crisis prompted by some of the questions his students had been asking (with “something else” happening in the “background”).


Questions Students Ask (aka “LEARNing THAT LASTS” – Pt 04)

In this post, I summarised the “LEARNing Conversation” my TEACHer friend and I had – we looked at some of the other questions that perhaps we could be LEARNing students (to get away from the “question horribalis” that had been bugging him so much). We also touched on the question of whether “good STUDENTS” are, in fact, “good LEARNers”. Mmmm…


Questions Students SHOULD Ask (aka “LEARNing THAT LASTS” – Pt 05)

This post was essentially a “confession” – a confession that, despite often presenting myself as “Mr. LEARNing”, I also dabble in the “dark arts” of TRAINing and TEACHing. Shock! Horror! I tried to show (I thunk) how my “student LEARNing questions” had actually evolved from Alverno, my experiences with coaching / mentoring and, wait for it, a very specific version of the “TEACHing Paradigm” – a model developed by those wonderful “Sith Lords” at 4MAT. I finished this mini-series by also suggesting a few more (really) tough questions that we might want to consider LEARNing all our students


If I have been LEARNed anything from all this bloggery – it is that:

…and, that the desire to blog even more survives the very act of blogging itself!


Mmmmm…if you managed to get through that lot, perhaps you are ready for Pt 05:


The “question” is – “Am I up for it”?

  1. Great comments, great questions.. as usual :))
    Thank you Tony, for sharing them with us..

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