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I’m also guessing this post will give away another number…my age!

Who remembers some of the TV shows back in the day? I mean “really” back-in-the-day…..1967?

How many of you were even born then?

…and, perhaps remember a conversation that went like this:


Perhaps, I should point out that I watched re-runs of The Prisoner in the early-70s!

Good save, Tony!


But, yes…you guessed it…this is gonna be a “rant” all about 0ne of the most talked about “numbers” these days:


Now, unless you have been living under a rock for the past four years, you probably have a pretty good idea what KLOUT is all about…(the rhyme was not intendedOK, maybe it was)!

The thing is…(and, if you don’t know), if that “rock” of yours has internet or wireless access, a KLOUT score has probably been “created” for you…whether you wanted one or not!

Yes, that’s the reason it takes longer to check into a hotel these days…receptionists can now “weigh and measure” you – and not just by looking at your watch, luggage or shoes!

Ahhh, that got your attention, didn’t it?


Measuring “influence”…what a load of codswallop!

Sure, it may look harmless enough…pretty “natural” even. I mean we “boys” have been pulling out our rulers and tape measures…well, ever since…we learned the importance of inches (or centimetres)!

But, that does not mean it’s “right”…


And, ”free stuff” like the KLOUT “perks” are always welcome, aren’t they?

Sure, if you want to “sell” your soul…


I mean it’s not as if those lovely chappies at KLOUT have been forcing their social media analytics on us – you know, by using private social accounts to develop their profiles, including minors (yes, “kiddies”) when they dredge social network data and actively preventing us from deleting accounts!

What? They actually did these things?

But, it’s OK – they have LEARNed from “feedback” and dropped these nasty practices (after they got caught with their pants around their knees again, and again, and again).


Come on, Tony – what’s the big deal about getting a little help working out one’s computed “influence value” …of weighing n’ measuring a person’s “engaged” audience? It’s not as if serious researchers have seriously challenged the “accuracy” of KLOUT Scores – again, and again, and again!

I have to admit, there are many of us EDUbloggers in the blogosphere – and, we often get a warm, tingling sensation (won’t tell you where) when we hear that we are “bigger” than the journalists and politicians famous for beating up teachers and educational institutions…so cool!


What’s more, it also feels really great to see that we are more “influential” (important, even) than our friends, relatives…and our own children, doesn’t it?

Isn’t that what life’s all about – exploiting the anxiety of others, playing games of one-upmanship and “winning”?

Take a look at Charlie Sheen’s KLOUT Score some time!


I actually never wanted to join KLOUT – till some caring, sharing blogger semi-signed me up  around 6 weeks ago (you know who you are…but I forgive you)!

I’m human – I took a peek.


I watched, read and LEARNed…and decided to “fiddle” around with my Facebook and Twitter accounts these past two weeks (won’t tell you how – it’ll be more fun for you to work it out) – and managed to “score” a 14+ increase in my own KLOUT Score.

Not too shabby!

I didn’t really do anything different – I like to LEARN from those in my social networks, I love “meeting” new folks that make me thunk and I enjoy sharing stuff (always have) – but I did not really add any additional, extra value to the lives of those people over those two weeks (over and above those things I try to do every day).

I just played the game…the KLOUT GAME!


It dawned on me, however, that I had to do something. I had to walk-my-talk…

I am an educator…I am a role model!

And, just as we are fighting (all over the globe) to put a stop to our students being seen as little more than “numbers”…scraped from standardised test data

Just a second…gimme a minute!

There, just deleted my account – I opted out – I retired KLOUT!


YES…just NOW! I feel a “dance” coming on…

Why is there never a bloody reality TV camera around…when you you really need one?

Want some evidence?

Nuff said! Almost…

“Opt-Out” Option –

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