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Happy Birthday to ME…(or, my “12-for-12”)

In News & Updates (from the CBO) on 14/03/2012 at 12:38 pm

So, it seems I have completed the first 12 months of myblogging apprenticeship – and I need a birthday party!

I had wanted to try and do the birthday announcement at the same time that I did blog post #200but, you know, best-laid plans and all of that (I have only managed 196 posts). Actually, that’s not too shabby – and is well over 200,000 words (how many books is that, acaba)!


It’s been really good fun, helped me connect with so many other “people” (I sometimes feel that I spend half my day talking to “bots”) and I owe a great deal to those that read my all-too-frequent bouts of blogorrhea and the more thoughtful posts of all the guest-bloggers. Thank you all!

In terms of “reflection” on the year – I kept coming back to the theme of “12”.

Another blogger had asked me how my “hits” and the “search engine terms” (the searches that bring people to the blog) were stacking up against Yale’s list of the Top 12 most powerful words.

I had not heard about this before – but basically “professional” bloggers do this kind of thing all the time and the words noted by “researchers” at Yale (and other advertising and social media gurus) are the ones that people should be shouting out from their blogs and every post they do. So they say!


When I put the Yale list next to the list of the Top 12 “searches” that bring people to allthingslearning – I discover what a crappy “blogger” and ineffective “shameless self-promoter” I actually am!

It would appear that my interest in Star Wars and the Sopranos – are my trump cards (memo to self – more “NJ gangsters” and “little green men”)!

What’s funnier, however, is that so few people are actually “searching” for LEARNing (many are still on the prowl for cartoons – it would seem) and prefer to look for “TEACHing”, “lesson PLANNing” and “classroom MANAGEment” (memo to self – allthingsteaching – could I live with that).

Of course, it’s nice to see words like “creativity” and “inspiration” – and I love the fact that so many people out there are looking for stuff on “assessment-for-LEARNing” (even more than are interested in Yoda and his band of merry Jedi)…

I guess if I want to take the blogging world by “storm” in the next 12 months I really need to blog more about how LEARNing helps “you” “save” “money” and “guarantees” “easy new love” or “proven safety love“!

Those last two phrases should bring me some “interesting” cyber tourists!


Seriously! Do bloggers actually do this stuff?

The good news is that I put my “research assistant”, Dexter, on the job – and he discovered that the Yale “research” is a total fabrication. Yes…Ben Zimmer has actually shown that this “list” is nothing more than an “academic urban myth” (or as Ben prefers a total “lingua-canard” – which translates, for we lesser mortals, into a “pile of crap”)!


What was more interesting, for me, was to look at the Top 12 search items for my blog and compare this with my 12-for-12 (the top 12 posts over my first 12 months in the game)! I did something like this for a little blog challenge created by Adam Simpson a few months back (and you can see my 11-for-11 here):

I just wanted to see what the top posts were across all 196 that I have written this year! A few have kept their 11-for-11 spot – but I was happy to see a few others climbing up there!

Anyways, this is the 12-for-12 list!

#01 – Are we on the right “track” with CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT? [Part ONE]…

#02 – “Herding Cats” and Change 3.0 (Part 2)

#03 – To LESSON PLAN or NOT to LESSON PLAN…that is the question!

#04 – The End of the HIGHWAY…

#05 – In Praise of Creativity…(Part One)

#06 – Getting Classroom Observation “RIGHT”…

#07 – So, you wanna be an ELT Teacher Trainer…huh?

#08 – Getting FLUENT with the 5 FLUENCIES…

#09 – Stop Talking…Start DOING!

#10 – How to make LEARNing ‘stick’…

#11 – What is LEARNing?

#12 – REFLECT yourself to GREATNESS…

That’s better…much more about LEARNing…!

Happy birthday to me…happy birthday to me!

  1. Congratulations on a fine year’s work. Eline sağlık!

  2. Wow, only a year?! Congrats! I would have guessed that you had been blogging for a long time (as seen by the depth of thought and fantastic layout/design). I am truly amazed. Thank you so much for the connections and amazing ideas that you are sharing. Roll on with the LEARNing.


    • Cheers Mike – yes, seems like a bloody lifetime (some days) 😉

      Thank you for the kind words – but as I said, I may have to stick with “long live MONEY and EASY NEW LOVE” 😉

      Take care,


  3. Congratulations and happy birthday to your site…

  4. WOW-only 1 year. Your blogs are of a seasoned pro!
    Thank for insightful info and a very well designed site (love your graphics)
    Here’s to many more successful years!

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