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Made in Türkiye…(BLOGS, that is)!

In News & Updates (from the CBO) on 07/03/2012 at 4:25 pm

TWO things for today: 

Number 1 – Did you know that the blogosphere is really quite a “racist” place? 

OMG – what is he up to, now?

No, don’t get your knickers in a twist – this is not “that” type of post (saving that for tomorrow)!

This post was actually planned for a lovely bunch of people I know that are “new to blogging” and I promised to share some of my favourite “allthingstürkiye EDUblogs” – to give them a headstart, so-to-speak!

The problem was – compiling this list took far longer than I had antcipated – and this came down to a few little “harfler”!

I mean, in “Türkçe” we have some pretty amazing letters –  Ç,  Ş and  Ğ for example. I love my daughter’s name  Ç-A-Ğ-L-A  but just ask any non-Turkish speaker to read-it-aloud…and you’ll wish your ears just didn’t work!

We also have more vowels than you can shake a stick atA, E, I, İ, O, Ö, U and Ü (even little oleĞcould qualify as a vowel, too – at a push)…and, then – we have vowel harmony!

I have to admit we do miss out on not having a “W” (especially if you drive one of those BMV’s or BMVV’s) – and still have a few other issues with “V” – but let’s stay positive here, guys!

The real problem is that so many bloggers – well, those that tend to blog in English here in Turkey – have to give up many of these “sexy” letters and even do this with their own names.

No fair!


So, here are a few of my favourite “made in Turkey” EDUblogs – also showcasing the real beauty of  the names and surnames of the boogers themselves:

Oh, yes…and… 

I was going to try and sort these into two categories: “yerli malı” and those more like me – the “hanım köylü” or “milli gelin” varieties . But, I was then reminded about all the other categories we could use – so just gave up.

Besides…”we are the world, we are the blllooogggeeerrrsss”! 



Number 2 – It is said that we bloggers are a pretty “incestuous bunch” (“tweeters” are far worse – and do not get me started on those “curators” or “pinners”). I mean we do tend to drop the list of “usual suspects” onto our blogrolls and have (virtual) coffee with the same “blogheads”.

As I was compling my new-and-updated list – I kept coming back to many of these usual suspects. They do a great job but maybe, we need to “create” even more bloggers – more friends! Perhaps, we could start an “adopt an apprentice blogger programme”?

… till then, if you know of any “new blogs on the block” – let us all know!

If you are like me you’ll love allthingseducation – but (at times) we need a break from allthingslearning (well, this is what me wife says to me) – so what about a few other English language blogs about allthingstürkiye, for a change!

I’m hoping you’ll all find at least ONE blog you ain’t seen from both lists!

If not, you can have your money back…


Till next time!

  1. I liked reading it 🙂
    And.. Thank you very much for the mention!


    • Thank YOU – for doing the blog in the first place and helping me co-create the post 😉 You are so right about male bloggers 😉

      Take care,


  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep’em going 🙂
    And thanks for the mention.

  3. I really enjoyed reading your blog and really appreciate your mention. 🙂

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