Tony Gurr

More Questions for “DINOSAURS” (and those of us who just love LEARNing…)

In Educational Leadership on 27/01/2012 at 6:44 pm

This was the follow-up (because the first one got me in so much trouble – with people who respect their “chairs” more than their staff – and students) 😉 ENJOY…


Word has it that my last post on “Questioning Culturesupset a couple of folks!


It would appear that even the act of “questioning” why we do not have more “questioning cultures” in education is enough to get on the nerves of those that recognise that they may, in fact, be “dinosaurs” themselves…

I’m really struggling (seriously) not to mention “peas” and “brains“…must fight the urge!


It just seems, to me – at least, if more people stepped out their comfort zones (as quickly as they seek to defend their “status quo”), we might see a few more of the things we “really” need in our schools, colleges and universities…

Onwards and sideways


The bottom line is basically that no self-respecting institution (well, those that want to remain “effective”

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