Tony Gurr

In The Paradigm Debate on 27/01/2012 at 2:28 am

Re-blogging this one, too (mostly to “hide” the 100K competition we ran this week). “Wearing-your-talk” is so much better than just “walking” it 😉 Enjoy…


Surfing the web a few days ago (my big, little girl tells me it’s not “cool” to use this collocation any more – what to do – I’m a “digital immigrant”…) – I came across this amazing TED video from artist and innovative designerJae Rhim Lee.


In the video (which has to be one of the most “out there” on the TED site) Jae Rhim Lee introduced her “mushroom death suit” (or, as she jokes, her “ninja PJs”) and the Infinity Burial Project – both imagineered to decompose a human body once we learn, grow and get off the planet!

OMG – I know you are all probably thinking that…Tony has totally lost the plot, finally! Hear me outhear me out, I say. You know how I love my mushrooms…


What Jae Rhim Lee

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