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Are YOU the 100,000th visitor?

In News & Updates (from the CBO) on 25/01/2012 at 2:54 pm

OK – so I’m at home today with a stinking bout of flu…can’t quite manage to shake off the coughing long enough to even do a decent post…and, really feeling sorry for myself (despite some great nursing from Nazlı Hanım)!

I manage to pull myself to the keyboard and screen…and, what do I find?


Yes, those lovely “happiness engineers” at WordPress tell me that I will soon have my 100,000th visitor to allthingslearning – and by my calculations this will probably happen later this evening or early tomorrow morning!

WOW…feeling better already! Party!


Yes, I know it probably doesn’t mean that 100,000 “different” people have popped in to pour over my frequent bouts of educational blogorrhea (I know a couple of you have been here at least twice)but it’s a milestone, init?

Look! If we get to celebrate with silver after the number 25 (yes, darling – I have not forgotten that this is “the” year), I thought we must do something to celebrate 100,000!

Kryptonite, perhaps!

OK – so here is the deal!

If you happen to be the 100,000th visitor to the site, I will “reward” you with a great bag of goodies – containing 5 of the best (and latest) “edureads” from 2011 and 2012 (all bought and paid for on my recent trip to the UK).


Now, I’m really hoping that the 100,000th visitor lives somewhere near Ankara (my adopted city) – otherwise I’ll end up paying the same in postage as I did on the bloody books themselves!

But, you can be from anywhere – seriously!


So, what do you have to do to win this lovely “bedtime reading” prize?


Yes, visit the site over the next 24 hours – of course – but also leave a comment at the bottom of this post (so I have a time-stamp and can work out who the “Visitor from Krypton” actually was)! Tell us why you “bother” to pop in and have a gander at the blog – or what you like about it!



Yes, I have been reading a book on marketing your blog…..

Go on – let’s see who gets the “goodies”. Good luck!

  1. Dear Tony,
    This is an amazing offer! I really want to be the winner because I know that those books are precious. Moreover, because you are my “slave-driver”, I know that I’ll need the information in these books in order to be able to be driven! 🙂 And also I suppose there is valuable information to help me in this initial training course and to prepare my workshop.
    Another motive to be awarded by these books is that you do not have to post them 🙂 I can get them from you in February the 8th. 🙂 So you save money 🙂
    Thank you!

    Take care,

    P.S: I am sorry about the flu.. Geçmiş olsun 🙂

    • Hi Ayşe,

      Thank you for this (and the geçmiş olsun) – got sick on the way back from Karabük 😉

      Well, you were the “first” comment – but we are at about 99,600 right now – so you have to come back a bit later and do another one. hey, I did not say that people could have only ONE comment – as many as you want 😉

      Take care,


  2. am I the one? am I??

    • Hi Fatma,

      Good to hear from you – well, you were the 2nd to comment 😉 But, we have around 400 visits till we get to 100K. Here’s an idea – come back every hour, on the hour and drop a comment (no-one said people could only have one comment – you can have as many as you like) 😉

      Take care,


  3. I am now on my semester break in Bursa, and I could really use some good reading material – in addition to your outstanding blog, of course. Congrats, Tony!

    • Hi Shawnda,

      Great to hear from you – how is it going there? Happy? We still have a fair few “visitors” to get through before the magic 100K (drop another comment in a few hours perhaps) 😉

      Take care,


  4. Even if I happen to be the lucky winner (which I doubt, coz I never win anything), I can’t imagine you would mail the books to Malaysia! 😛
    Anyway, thanks – you blog emails keep me informed and thinking!
    Warmest Hugs from the currently freezing Hong Kong!

    • Hi Helen,

      Nothing wrong – got thru all good 😉 Great to hear from you. Hey, if you win – I’ll hand deliver them 😉

      How are things – all good?


  5. I wrote a comment, but it didnt get posted 😦
    What did I do wrong?

  6. Hi Tony,
    sorry to hear that you got the flu while going bak to Ankara from Karabuk,(ısolation fo the historical houses ),not that much important but hoping to be the winner ,Get better soon !!

    • Hi Oya,

      Ohhh, much better than yesterday (thank you) – getting my sense of taste back 😉 You’ll have to drop another comment in later – we have not got there yet 😉 I did say “later this evening” or “early tomorrow morning”.

      It is a good prize – almost GBP 130.00 of books – all chosen by my own fair hand 😉

      Take care,


  7. It’s very nice to hear that your blog is so much famous 🙂 Even if I’m not hte 100.000th one, I’ll continue reading it whenever my mail alerts me;)

    • Hi Esin,

      LOL – actually, it’s my wife, daughter and mother-in-law that keep my page visits up there (probably just checking that I’m not saying anything bad about the three of them) 😉

      Thanks for dropping in – I have not checked the fınal count (but I am off to bed now). I’ll let everyone know tomorrow 😉


  8. Hi Tony

    Any chance this is THE visit that counts? :
    Would be a real treat if it was!

    There are many of us who share your passion for all things LEARNing and are loyal follows of your posts eagerly awaiting the next alert. Your style is a delight to read and I am always amazed at the richness of your images – a visual feast! (Just where do you get them all? Any chance you will share that secret?)

    Congratulations on the milestone that the 100,000th visitor represents.
    Best wishes

    • Dear Anne,

      You are so kind as usual – this “visual literacy” was something I only started to think about when my daughter started studying “design” at Uni in London (2 years ago) as I tried to learn more about what she was learning 😉 It then dawned on me – when I was a kid, I was quite a keen little “artist” but it all got lost with 6th College and Uni (studying economics will do that to a bloke) 😉 I think I’m just getting back into it – the internet and a few nice edtech toys make it easier 😉

      We are not quite there yet – but I am half alseep so I will double check in the morning. Hey, nothing wrong with posting a few additional comments, if you still have enough daylight hours 😉

      Take care,


  9. Hi Tony,

    Sorry to hear that you got sick, gecmis olsun 🙂

    I’ve been visiting your blog regularly since I met you last year, and I enjoy every bit of info you write. Not writing all these to be the one, just wanted to share it… Whenever I visit this page, I decide to create one and be a blogger as well, but still couldn’t realize it 😦 Hope I will make this dream real soon… Congrats on the success of your blog 🙂

    Hope to see you in another training event 🙂

    • Hi Burçin,

      Her genç kızın başına gelir – thank you for the “geçmiş olsun” (feeling much better now) 😉 Hey, you should start your own – it’s fun. I’ll let everyone know who is the “one” soon, promise 😉


  10. Hey Tony,

    Just seen your post and I just wanted to thank for the lovely, informative blog you’ve got going here. It really does me good to have those bed time readings:)


    • Hi Vural,

      Good bit of “yağ” thrown in there – let’s see what happens. I know how you loooooovvveeeee your bedtime reading 🙂

      Take care, my man 😉


  11. Hey, Tony – Congratulations! Me and the other 99,999 are looking forward to what’s in store for the next however long…. =D

    • Thx Mary,

      Actually, I think it’s a few guys just trying to find something more useful than my blog on the web (and a lucky choice of blog name on my part) 😉 Great to hear from you…


  12. Morning! Any winners yet? U feeling better? Keep warm!

  13. Hey there,

    I pop in because your posts make me laugh (and other stuff too). Congrats on the 100K. =)

    • Hi Tyson,

      Good to hear from you – promise I’ll get the winner out soon (I’ll have to – just got a death threat after that last one) 😉


  14. Everyone is gonna “hate” me 😉


  15. Cheers from Palmerston North, New Zealand!

    • Hi Allen,

      I’m just thinking “crap” right now – after loads of comments from Turkey, NOW….I get a rush from Canada, NZ and South Africa!!!!!!!!!


  16. Hi Tony,

    Congratulations on your upcoming 100K visitors! I stumbled upon your blog a few months ago and found your insights both refreshing and informative. I love your blog layout and design. Very pleasing to the eye! I am a steady follower and fan.

    Keep up the wonderful work!


    • Hi Celia,

      Thank you – so nice to get a kind word or two. I think I now actually end up using more time on images than the actual text of the posts 😉

      Take care – thx for dropping in (again). Hoping top wrap this up very, very soon 😉


  17. Loved today’s post :)) Thanks for making me laugh in the early morning…

    Am I still not the 100.000th visitor???

    • Burçin,

      I’m glad someone liked it – been getting death threats and all sorts of hate mail since it went out (they even threatened to draw the blood of my first born – and “Dexter”) 😉 The “real” results should be out soon – promise 😉


  18. Hi Tony,

    It has been a long time since I did not write to you. Actually, I have been visiting your blog but I did not have the chance to write. Sorry:) Congratulations on your blog’s success, by the way. One day I will also try being a blogger.

    Hope to see you in another training.

    Gökçe Vanlı

    • Hi Gökçe,

      Great to hear from you 😉 Howz life?

      Yes, you should get your skates on with blogging – it’s really good fun (till you run a competition) 😉 Hey, I’ll have the results soon. Take care.


  19. Woaww!! So many people want those more bedtime reading books. By the way Tony I am very happy about your blog`s success. Your blog is like wikipedia to me.Even my husband (engineer) reads it sometimes. he likes the visulas, thats why 🙂 Thanx…

    • Fatma Hocam,

      You are too kind – though I think we have to question whether perhaps your husband does not have too much free time on his hands 😉 It was funny – most of the comments were from Turkey (I told you I wanted to save on pastage)…but then we got a rush from just about everywhere after about 6 am!!!!

      Results out soon – promise 😉


  20. Tony, congratulations on such a milestone! Keep things up with your blog! By the way, I gotta say – I love your sense of humor 🙂 Your each post is always informative and hilarious 🙂


    • Hi Irene,

      Great to hear from you – I’m not so sure I’ll be able to “laugh” much at the possible postage charges I am looking at 😉 Come on – tell me, I bet you live on the moon, don’t you 😉

      Will get a note out to everyone – with the results soon. Thx for dropping in 🙂


      • Nah, however, it might be fun to live on the moon 😀

        But I actually live in Ukraine which is pretty close to Turkey, or so I heard 😉

      • Irene,

        Mmmmmmm – not too bad. I could probably manage Ukraine (overland postal rates mind) 😉 My original plan was to “say” my “next door neighbour” had won – do you think anyone would suspect?


      • Haha, yeah, I think they would (Especially after you just told everyone your “evil” plan ;))

      • Mmmmmmm…damn all my cyber-footprints. DELETE, DELETE 😉

        Take care,


  21. Hi Tony,
    It’s me again. So you see, how badly I am trying to save you spending extra money on posting the books! 😉
    I happy to hear that you are feeling better now (I’ve read the previous comments 😉 )
    Take care!


  22. Hi Tony. First of all “Geçmiş Olsun” I hope you get better soon.
    Look, let’s make a deal. If I win, you bring the books to Moscow. I pay the ticket but deduct the mail charges. Does it work?


  23. Çok şakacısın. 🙂

  24. Soooo. Who is the winner?

  25. I thought the false winner post was funny. Besides, it got all sorts of people to come back, right? I guess your self-promotion is paying off.

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