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Back to University – Time for a CHANGE?

In Our Universities on 06/09/2011 at 10:56 am

I took my “son” for his morning walk earlier – and realised Ankara has come back to life (after a long “August-cum-Ramadan” break). So many cars on the streets – even Dexter was surprised!

Many of the cars I saw on the road have their “stickers” from this-school-or-that-school and this-university-or-that university – all displayed “proudly” in their windows. I never really got why people did, still do, that…

It all reminded me that universities start back this month (not just schools) – so I came home and took a look at some of my earlier posts on “the university”…


I have been quite “critical” of many of the ways our universities “do business”:

And, I have “teased” them about the games they “play” with their “rankings”!


Some of my “guest bloggers” have been quite “critical” of many of the ways our universities “do business”:

Even about “research”:


However, and as you know, I’m more interested in the way our universities do the business of allthingslearning and in one post I offerred some suggestions of how they might “break a few rules” and gave some examples of the way ahead (maybe):


  • Virtual University is now in 130 countries (and still asking if you want to be a “professor”)
  • The Khan Academy is still going great guns – having to date delivered almost 73,762,000 lessons! Amazing what a little “injection of Gates-dosh” will do for you…





So, I have decided to re-blog it (see below) – you never know we might see a few more of these changes.

AY2011/12 might be the year!



For The Times They Are a-Changin' The world is indifferent to tradition and past reputations, unforgiving of frailty and ignorant of custom or practice. Success will go to those individuals and countries which are swift to adapt, slow to complain and open to change. Andreas Schleicher I think it was Moe who said “Higher education is a thousand years of tradition wrapped in a hundred years of bureaucracy”. BUT, we do have a great many “best practices” because of this traditionRead More

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