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A “word” from our CBO…

In News & Updates (from the CBO), Uncategorized on 03/09/2011 at 12:55 pm

Those lovely chaps at WordPress told me this week that I had reached my 100th posting! You have to love a company that call its customer care staff“happiness engineers” – and learns you stuff (even when you are not looking to do so)!

I decided to try and run a word count – you know, how many words have I used in these 100 posts.

I gave up!


I tried – I really did…but on discovering that I have used 9,953 words (not including “image” shots) for just the posts from this week – I stopped!

How does he do ityou might ask!

Well, you might not….but I’ll tell you anyways!

  • 1. It’s fun!
  • 2. I learn a lot!
  • 3. Learning is good – but sharing is better!


There are lots of other people out there that can come up with more reasons than I.

There are also those that can tell you why blogging is good for students / learners, too…

But, I like my three!


This was not really why I started this post (#103 – and another 222 words) – that was really…to say “thank you“!

  • To those of you that read the blog – and comment or get me the odd e-mail!
  • To the Happiness Engineers at WordPress – for helping out so much!
  • To those of you thinking about setting up a blog – go on, give it a go!


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