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It’s (a technologically-filled) WEEKEND!

In Uncategorized on 18/03/2011 at 6:40 pm

The “geek” inside has taken over!

And just to show you that I am not the only (or oldest) Star Wars “geek” – you have to take a look at this lovely video from Italy!

OK – I have now recovered from the fact that I cannot “adopt” another new son after all – and my mind has wandered to things new.

  • Imagine accessing the internet through your contact lens – contact lenses that also give you subtitles when you meet a stranger in a strange land!
  • Consider the possibility of never having to worry about getting sick because the nanobots in your shirt will keep a 24/7 check on your DNA!
  • Travelling in a space ship that uses laser propulsion!

Ahhhh, this was the stuff I dreamed about as a kid.


Now, after hundreds of interviews with top scientists (who are already working on this stuff) Michio Kaku’s new book, “Physics of the Future“, tells us what to expect in the 22nd Century.

OK – so his TV show fell short a bit (specifically, the episode on how to make a “real lightsabre” – I was so disappointed that I couldn’t find all the parts in my kitchen). But, the book promises to be choc full of gizmos, gadgets and possibilities!

Michio’s blog is a total treasure – and not limited to technology. He and his links with the “Big Think” Team cover everything from “truth & justice” to “love & happiness”. In fact, you will probably never need to go to another blog – or have the time to (if you get hooked)!


The Economist was also busy this week with all things hi-tech – telling us about how our “toys” no longer need to be rigid and flat any more. Twisty and stretchy iPads are on the way!

They even tell us about 3D printing, wireless payments and (the biggie) “augmented reality”.

Almost too much for a middle-aged “geek” like me to stand. Best listen to some “music” to relax and unplug a little – music on lunch boxes, no less. Enjoy!

I wonder how many of these wonderful advances will help us the classroom – or even get us out of the classroom!

BTW – you can find all the latest edtech gadgets, edu-friendly software initiatives and innovative edu-learning programmes at the COOL TOOL site – as the say:

All the LATEST learning-related technology, including: wikis, blogs, social networks, portable electronic devices, laptops, netbooks, cell phones, academic toys, interactive white boards, software, science probes, databases, student information systems, wireless tools, streaming video, blogs, learning platforms, assessment technology, student information systems, enterprise systems and – phew!

Gotta breathe now!


P.S: Just got back from a “wonderful” trip to Istanbul – but more on that tomorrow 🙂

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