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It’s weekend…a bit early this time

In Technology, Uncategorized on 03/03/2011 at 10:46 am

That’s because I’m pretty busy tomorrow and Saturday.

My wife has told me that I am not to do anything related to learning, teaching or education this weekend…”bad wife”!

But, I also got a note from someone in our little community that said “Hey, Tony…spice it up a bit…with a few non-learning-things”.

Well, here were go!

Fed up with not knowing how much your taxi is going to cost you (and whether you have enough cash in your pocket).

Well, if you are in Ankara, Istanbul or Izmir – here you go! Hey, you can even try Bursa and Antalyastill trying to get Batman and Hakkari on the list!

So, if you have your 3G iPad with you – never worry again! Actually, if you have a 3G iPad, you probably do not have to worry about a taxi fare at all…in fact, you will probably never leave home!

Talking of iPads (and I do a lot these days) – I hate Steve Jobs! OK, I know he’s ill and all that but to just spring it on me that Apple will start to ship the iPad2 this month is not fair…and  to add insult to injury the new model has two, yes TWO cameras (the “missing” camera in the iPad is one of my biggest complaints).

Still no release date for Turkey just yet…so, if you can wait – hang on a bit!

Some of you might have noticed that I started “tweeting” this week (see Çağla – I am not such an “old fart”). I’d read an article saying that “e-mail is only for oldies” and that kids have been dropping off the e-mail usage charts as fast as middle eastern regimes have been “falling” of late.

I began tracking my own tweet vs. e-mail scores. Tweets “lost” but that is only because all my friends are so “old”!

Actually, what struck me was how much I learned from tweeting – not from Paris Hilton or the Kardashian girls – but just signing up to some good news sites and some good thinkers learned me so much. Take a look at who I am “following” (hate that word) – you might want to do the same.

Burcu Akyol has also done a really good job of listing a wide range of top ELT tweeters – have a look at that, too. Burcu – great makeover BTW!

Oh, dear – that was about learning… must resist…urge!

OK, last weekend, I told you about my other soon-to-be adopted son, Milo – some of you told me that he actually looks like me (see my “little baby” picture). Well, rumour has it that the adoption agency has taken him off the market – “bad MicroSoft”!

Darling (hayatım benim, sekerim, bir tanem!)…..can we go back to Panora and return the Xbox 360 and cancel the order for that “kiddies room” we liked so much?

Well, at least our jobs are safe again!

Look, I’m trying really hard not to talk about education…must resist…urge!

Sorry, I can’t!

But, because I have been talking about technology today. I wanted to remind you all – if you have a few minutes to spare – to complete a really cool survey a few members of our little community are working on. We really need more “data” on where we are with EdTech across Turkey and this project is a great way to find out what’s happening.

Finally, I have been thinking about updating some of the blogs I recommend. A few of my up-and-coming favourites are:

  • Learnlets is a great little blog from Clark Quinn and is full of pearls about technology, design and learning.
  • Training ELTeachers is a great blog based on the “A to Z concept” – all about teacher training.
  • Dynamite Lesson Plan comes from Damien Riley in the US. It’s packed with really good stuff and he has a great “stuff I run across” section.

That’s all folks! Have a super weekend…learning!


My thanks to Suzan Hocam for the post “Taksi ne kadar tutar derdine son!!!” and Aisha Hocam for the great work she is doing with the survey.

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