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Bedtime Reading

In Uncategorized on 25/02/2011 at 6:27 am

This blog actually started as a way to cut down e-mail traffic (or “bAdtime reading” as it has been affectionately dubbed – thanks guys) to all my “co-learners” and “ineks”!

Basically, we try and share as many books and materials as we can (there are a few “spouses” and “partners” out there who have put out a “contract hit” on me – my own included) – but it’s a great way to share knowledge, start good learning conversations, grow…..and maybe get off the planet a bit faster!

What I have also done is set up “Tony’s LEARNING Library” – a collection of my top 25 “must-read” books for teachers and educators.

I have learned SO much from these…and I hope you do, too.

A TIP (from a friend of mine who hails from Kayseri but now lives in Scotland ) – books are “expensive”! Get together with 25 friends, create a “reading circle”, buy one each – read 25!

Let me know, if we should add any more to the list – or set up your own and get us all the link.

Happy BADTIME Reading!


[My thanks to all the “guys” at AU and Gazi – for pushing me to learn how to “do” something different]

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