Tony Gurr

ELT’s “Dirty Little Secrets”…

In ELT and ELL, The Paradigm Debate on 21/02/2011 at 4:27 pm

When I first planned to draw on the phrase “dirty little secrets” for this post, I did consider that my words may be taken out of context and perhaps used as part of the “blame game” that is frequently played out in education.

After all, the phrase more often than not conjures up notions of concealment / secretiveness and shame / guilt – and the popular press loves nothing more than beating up on teachers and educators for the failings of our schools and universities!

That having been said…I have always had more faith in transparency than secrets – and taking my lead from Julian Assange (of WikiLeaks “infamousy”) I thought it was time to shine a bit more light on the “dark side” of things in ELT.

…Besides, as any “self-help guru” worth his or her salt will tell you “moving on from less positive situations or feelings involves recognising a few simple truths”:

  • Secrets, shame or guilt can actually help us improve things – as they prompt us to make changes
  • Change involves going to some of our “darker places” (as Luke Skywalker had to), ending the blame game – and it also takes more than an ounce of courage
  • Courage is helped along best through truth, acceptance, forgiveness and connecting with others on things that “matter”

Don’t get me wrong – it is not only ELT that has these types of secrets.

Professionals in the business of ELT are no different to those in wider educational circles or those in other sectors – we all have our own personal dirty little secrets (I watch both “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” and “American Idol”) and many of the dirty little secrets we have at work are “common”.

So……what are the dirty little secrets of ELT?

.…..Check back TOMORROW!

[ Told you I was a fan of “Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?” and “American Idol”……….. ]


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